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Cuisine on Forex. What are you making in Forex?
Cooking in the Forex - a special art, which none of the brokerage companies does not seek to put on display. Kitchen on the Forex company that does not display the customer's trades to the market. Imagine You made a deal, but Your broker did not bring to market, that is "kitchen".

But how so, and suddenly I earned my job on account? This is a popular question among beginners who learn that they may even not traded on any market at all.

Indeed, if the trader fails to make money, but the transaction was not displayed on Forex, it becomes obvious conflict of interest, because the company will have to pay the income from your pocket. What to do, not easier to genuinely work with their clients?

First, You don't think Your $5 really need such organizations in the foreign exchange market as UBS or JP Morgan? Second, he held various estimates of what percentage of the traders earns. Although the results from case to case different, but all emphasized that more than 90% of speculators lose their capital in the first year of trading.

So why did the company withdraw the customer orders to the market, even if it has the technical ability, if earnings will be limited only by the size of the fee? the current is the same, a trader can blend so fast that the broker almost get nothing. Is not it easier not to withdraw the transaction, but only to demonstrate the open position on a demo account, hoping that the statistics will be right and the majority will merge?

A simple example. Let the trader has opened an account with $1000, made 100 trades with lot 0.1 and merged. Note that 100 trades this is an optimistic option. If the broker brought the deal, it would have earned, for example, 100*2=$200 ($2 - the average price spread with one trade on the EUR/USD when trading lot 0,1).

If in Forex the "kitchen" just turn on the demo account of the same customer, will not removing the transactions, you will earn $1000. A good difference, isn't it?

What is dangerous "kitchen" in the Forex

In fact, traders really don't care, pay them a broker money from your pocket or not, the main thing that the money was given without any problems. On the other hand, minimizing the costs, "kitchen" in the Forex will try to do everything possible to reduce the size of the income of the client.

This purpose can be used:

• white hat methods;
• "black" methods.

The first is to treat everything that does not violate the rules (of the client agreement, which You accept by opening an account). For example, can be artificially increased and they added a server crash during a news release (Yes, this can also be done), "smoothed" quotes that would complicate the work of the scalper, and so on.

In other words, it's not a blatant interference in the work of the trader, which could be fixed. Much worse things have "sworn kitchens", which can, for example, to finish your own quotation on the chart that will lead to the closure of account stop loss to cancel profitable trades, making up some excuse, and in some cases don't even straining to come up with reasons and so on.

I already managed to scare You and disappoint? Then I will outline what to do to forget about "kitchens/kitchens not" quiet trade, and not concern myself with this issue.

Struggling with Forex.

Actually, it's not so bad - there are reasons, which will introduce You further.

First, large brokerage companies will never jeopardize their reputation, and this means that even if they decided to "pecuharity", then you will easily give up any income earned by the trader. Here you have to understand that brokerage companies are not stupid, large account or professional traders they will bring to the market, earning commissions.

Since more than 90% of speculators in the inability to trade lose your money is that often generally a stupid way, the rest 10% of customers the broker without problems will pay a profit. The major broker will never violate the rules more important to him than reputation, and the influx of new customers.

Second, it is possible to complain of illegal actions of the broker if it is regulated one of the special structures, the more You can learn here. Claim will be reviewed and if indeed the losses of the trader is the fault of the company, it is strongly recommend to do the right thing.

Third, high market competition plays the role of orderly forest, zagraza weak and greedy. Companies just have to maintain the image, demonstrating their transparency and customer orientation. So, for trouble you can run into only in small organizations.

Kitchen cheat traders

A few tips on how to trade without problems and not even think about displays Your trades in the Forex or not:

• work only through the large brokers like Alpari Alfa-Forex, etc.;
• carefully read user agreement, not just not check that all take;
• find out in advance the support of the company as a broker refers to a trading method that you plan to apply (not everyone is fond of scalping or arbitrage, for example);
• read the topic Brokers/broker's clients ' reviews of certain companies;
• take screenshots of important points, for example, profit taking or a technical problem during the trade this will help in quick resolution of the situation.

Most importantly, of course, to be able to trade profitably, otherwise nothing will save. Find a big serious company that will not put a spoke in the wheel - not difficult, fortunately, they are a who. Trading is becoming more popular, and the conditions of companies more transparent, so even if You trade in Forex the kitchen, anything terrible, the main thing that it has fulfilled its obligations to You all.

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