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Scalper Dream Indicator. A complete trading system for scalpers.
Today's publication will be dedicated to interesting and challenging topics – scalping, but instead of another translation of the theory textbooks, we decided to consider one promising indicator Scalper Dream.

The English Scalper Dream, "dream scalper", so some readers may have suspicions that this is another pseudo-Grail with a loud provocative title. Actually, this is not an original name, but a kind of "nickname", which traders themselves have appropriated this indicator. The developers call their creation" PremiumFXScalper, but currently in a network walks it is the Scalper Dream indicator.

The authors of the indicator recommends trading on the following four pairs: USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD and GBPJPY. Apparently, such a recommendation is related to the high volatility of the instruments and acceptable the size of the spread, so we should not take this Council as a strict rule, because if a broker has low spreads and commissions on gold, exotics and even CFDs you can trade any instrument.

As for the timeframe, it is better to listen to the developers, I suggest to use the indicator Scalper Dream for a moment and orientation meeting, in fact, for them it was created. In addition, practice has shown that the Asian session should be ignored because of the volatility in the markets at this time is very low, the exception may be only "pairs with yen" pairs and stock indices of China and Japan.

Description of the indicator settings Scalper Dream

One of the features of this EA is easy to install – just set the calculation period (number of bars) and the signal parameters. Below, a detailed description of each variable:

• Periоd – actually, from the title you specify here the number of bars to be taken into account in the formula of the algorithm than it is below, the faster the indicator responds to changes in trends and often starts to give false signals;
• Add SL pips and TP pips distance – specifies the size of the take profit and stop loss in points, which will recommend the expert. In fact, a useless parameter because, first, it turns out that these values in any case specifies the user, and secondly, it is better to close the position not on the take, and signals, but it still say below;
• Email Alerts – allow/deny the email. The function will only work if the module is configured correctly in the terminal;
• Corner – angle of placement of the information window (0 is the upper left corner, 1 – upper right 2 – bottom left, 3 – bottom right, 4 – don't show table);
• Shift – shift the histogram to the right (positive number) or left (negative) the specified number of bars. Useless parameter, you can leave "0";
• Use Alerts – Enable/disable indicator Scalper Dream show an information window with a signal.

The rules for opening and closing orders on the Dream signals Scalper

To trade using the Scalper Dream is as simple as configure it. The first thing you should pay attention to is the line "Trend Power" in a Bulletin Board, open orders is permitted, if the strength of the trend more than 65%, the transactions are only in the direction of the detected trends (if it says Up – only buy, if Down sell only).

And the second component signal – histogram changed color from red to green in an uptrend, and from green to red when descending. After this happened, we have a deal at the opening of the candle following the signal.

As mentioned above, a fixed stop loss and take profit use is not recommended, instead it is better to start from the position feedback signal, that is, when the histogram again will change color.

But that's not all, to be safe from flats and market of traps you can use additional criteria to exit – if was formed the same sequence of five bars of the histogram Scalper Dream, close the position regardless of the strength of the trend and color histogram.

I recommend to pay attention to these two indicators:

• Standard deviation

Advantages and disadvantages of the indicator Scalper Dream

After the performed tests and experiments on different currency pairs I can safely say that the Scalper Dream indicator is self-contained trading strategy and offers the following strengths:

• recognize the trend or flat (usually five bars), and the specific signals;
• does not redraw the historical values;
• on the minute charts almost never late, at least, responds to changing trends faster than the popular moving averages;
• in contrast, it is many other histogram algorithms is not CPU-intensive, so the terminal does not hang;
• due to the sound signal allows you to combine the trading and other classes.

With regard to the shortcomings in the implementation of the algorithm, they do not exist, the only negative point is the absence of a correct source code of the indicator (in the Russian speaking environment only ex4 file), which can create problems out of the blue after update MT4.

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