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Strategy Two candles to the binary options market
The market is a very interesting and, at first glance, unpredictable thing. But people who are professionally engaged in trading know that the market too, there are laws and regularities, which can be used to predict the movement of prices. With this aim and created a variety of strategies, systems and indicators.

But in this article I want to tell you about the strategy, which probably for several hundred years and it is used with great success today. Personally, I like this system based on candlestick patterns, brings more than 2,000% profit per year. Her signals are very simple and they can understand each.

Simple rules strategy Two candles

If the signal candle closes growth (on the chart in blue), then opening the next is a contract on the increase in prices of an asset (call option).

When the signal candle closed reduction (red), at the opening of the next contract, respectively, on the decline of quotations of the asset (a put option).

There are times when closed candle "Dodge" (or also called the neutral candle), then you need to look at the candle that was in front of candles Dodge and contract in the opposite direction of its closure.

What expiry times I use

In order to be able to use rate charts in the form of Japanese candlesticks I use it or trading terminal MT4. If you decide to download MetaTrader 4 trading terminal for trading strategy with two candles, then find this platform here, where it is available to everyone (free to download). Binary options trading is carried out in a brokerage company importantly, the company, it suits me in all respects, but the main one is a good set of different types of options with a wide range of expiry times.

This fact gives me the ability to trade different assets and analysis on multiple timeframes. To Orient you a bit in terms of expiration, will give a sample of their ranges, depending on the timeframes, but this is not the final ranges and clearly established rules. Of course, you have to do to count the duration of the contracts in their trading.

So, turbooptions I use when trading on the M1 timeframe and expiration time does not exceed 300 seconds, binary options (standard) trade on the H1 timeframe with an expiry time of 2 hours. The last type of options that I use "Long term" trading on time frame H4, D1 deadlines, from 12 hours to a year. All of these maturity bands are available from my broker importantly, the company.

The frequency of transactions with two candles

The frequency and number of contracts that You make with this strategy depends, of course, only from You. If you have the opportunity to sit at the computer, then You can make deals at the opening of each minute candle, if this is not possible, you can switch to a higher timeframe and open a day 5-6 contracts and make a profit on them.

Given the yield strategy "Two candles" in 90%, I would advise you to create an investment package of 10 assets with a full range of assets that the company offers importantly, the company (more than 120 assets) and to apply different options and the rate of trade - this will allow you to obtain greater profit even when the time not so much.

How to trade even better

Even in such a profitable strategy to increase the efficiency and make a profit on 100% of the contracts. For this you just need to double the size of the contract, if the previous deal You received a loss. Profit increased the contract will cover the losses and in the amount of both binary option will profit.

Such a simple system is often referred to as a martingale binary options. To use this system with a broker importantly, the company has the ideal conditions. Chief among them is the possibility of using mini lots cost $ 1, and restrictions on the minimum Deposit - $ 10.

But if Your financial capabilities allow you to Fund a trading Deposit a large amount (which I sincerely am very happy for You), then it should not use more than 2% of its size for one trade, otherwise the trade will be nervous and risky. And following these rules, You leave yourself room to maneuver and can not lose with Deposit all funds. Better, as they say, not to make money, than to meet losses.

Here's an old and simple strategy two candles gives me 2000% profit a year, even in our age of computers.

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