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When available binary options trading
As the binary options market different types of assets (stocks, currencies, commodities, indexes), then you need to take into account the difference in their trading periods. Remember that every asset is "attached" to a particular exchange or market), and this means that he is available during the opening hours of the facility.

For example, if shares of Google are traded on NASDAQ, and you can buy them only from 17: 30 till 00-00 Moscow time. Similar situation with all other assets.

Now about the binary options market. No time limit at the Playground there, it is possible to enter into trades always when trading at least one asset on any exchange in the world. MICEX closed for the holidays? It does not matter, at this point vengeance can go trading Forex and then we are back in business.

When allow you to trade binary options broker

Market, but we can make transactions only through brokers, acting as intermediaries. Thus, the trader has to reckon with the rules of the company he chose. Most binary options brokers offer their services five days a week, preferring to rest over the weekend.

At the same time, some assets, such as currency, traded and on Saturdays from Sundays, that's the only way to access them? When can I trade binary options (during the week), many traders are busy at their main jobs and not all people manage to combine these classes. So we have to look for companies that are "not lazy" on the weekends.

And these companies, of course, are, for example, Olymp Trade. Competition in financial markets encourages brokers to provide more beneficial and convenient trading conditions, to offer such opportunities, which requires a potential customer.

There are other brokers which allow you to make trades on weekends, for example, importantly, the company, but then tell it about the Olympus trade, this organization decided to be the most customer centric (company overview).

When can I trade in Olymp Trade

A few words about the brokerage company Olymp Trade, I think, will be not superfluous. This is a big international company that believes, as I think you need to be most convenient for the client, and not to be greedy and to offer very competitive trading conditions, earning "a bit" on many clients, but not "horse" on all three traders.

Trade at the end of the working part of the week is not terminated, but simply reduces the number of assets available for purchase. Indeed, if some currency pairs are traded on Saturdays and Sundays, why not give customers the opportunity to earn it? Moreover, not all traders can afford to work all day in the middle of the week.

Here is the list of assets offered by Olimp trade its clients to work at the weekend:

As you can see in the list are the currency pair that we can buy binary options. As soon as it opens markets, where trading a particular asset is not available tool, for example, the share of the company, will be immediately available and binary options.

For example, one of the market leaders, company 24option in the terminal is inactive, each trading tool has a date and time when you can buy an option:

Very convenient, because it is immediately obvious when you open trades in that instrument which we are interested. It is a pity that the classic binary options on weekends 24option is not implemented (except in rare instances of unclaimed assets).

So, when can I trade binary options depends on Your chosen brokerage company. As a rule, to conclude agreements permitted around the clock, but 5 days a week. In this case, each asset has a time of availability, which depends on the working hours of the exchange (market) where trading officially this tool.

However, so far the few brokers that opens access to the binary options market to its customers on a day of the week, for example, Olymp Trade. In this case, you can work with options on currency, not paying attention to the day of the week.

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