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Analytical forecast on Forex
It is impossible to fully predict changes in the Forex market. Despite this, there are certain laws, which means that the market can be predicted. Market analysis is carried out directly by its participants and professional analysts based on economic and statistical data.

The projections can be different depending on the period of the strategy, namely: long term, medium term, short term.

Long-term forecast the Forex can be developed for a period sometimes reaching several months. As a rule, such a forecast is made at the beginning of the long-term trend for long-term investment.

The most common prediction among traders to medium. It is about a week.

Participants intraday operation is carried out by short-term forecasts, Forex forecast for today." 

All the above forecasts are dependent on each other. Long-term forecasts are based on medium-term and medium-term, in turn, the short-term.

When you make a forecast it is necessary to consider the factors influencing the exchange rate.

Of course, first and foremost, it is economic factors that provide for the assessment of economies leaders. Moreover, the state of the economy of a single state may directly affect the domestic currency, and indirectly affects the rate of other currencies.

Political news also have impact on the market. The rate may vary depending on the nature of the events in one country or another. For example, the change of government of a state, not being able to make correct predictions to ascertain what economic course will elect a new leadership.

Hurricanes, volcanoes and other catastrophes, as a rule, negatively affect the currency of the countries in which they occurred.

Buying or selling large amounts of a particular currency by the national banks of the leading countries or large financial groups causes a change in supply and demand, and accordingly, of course.

To predict the exact state of the Forex market, of course, impossible. Forex market Analytics is not a simple science, but if you have the desire to achieve good results in trading, to learn it's necessary.

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