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Accounts in rubles at IQ Option
To trade binary options it is not necessary to contact your us dollars or euros, you can register the Bank account, Deposit and withdraw money in the national currency of the Russian Federation. One of the most popular in the CIS brokers - IQ Option also offers its customers the opportunity to work on the rouble Deposit.

How to make an account IQ Option in rubles, because when you register, you cannot select the currency of the Deposit? Some traders are even beginning to doubt that do to start trading is only 300 rubles, regardless of the current exchange rate of the dollar in rubles.

Quite simply, now I'll tell you what to do. To open an account needed here:

- the special website of the broker IQ Option.

If You want to register a real account, after you have completed click on "Real account", if you do decide to stay on demo, then choose "Demo account". The balance of the Deposit in Russian rubles is available only to open a real account (that is, more options: us dollars, euros, pounds sterling).
Ruble account broker IQ Option
Transfer account denominated in IQ Option

Once registered go to my account, clicking on the corresponding arrow at the top right of the screen:
The transition of the account IQ Option in rubles
In menu, select "my account" then "privacy". We are interested in the "Settings" tab, as it is the switch currency trading account, you only need to scroll down:
The company's IQ Option in rubles
Choose rubles, and then in the upper right corner of the terminal, which by this time should have been shown the balance in U.S. dollars ($0), symbol appears of the Russian national currency. You can then move on to the procedure Deposit. First you need to click on the "submit" button in the upper right corner of the screen to go to the terminal, after which:

• click on the button "Add" in the upper right corner of the screen;
• be on the page where you can choose to make a Deposit.
Recharge in rubles in IQ Option
Bonuses, which are marked on the illustration, you can get in if sign up on a broker IQ Option.

Next, we get the opportunity without all the conversions to translate rubles into the trading account, and withdraw them on your account details. Of the best methods I/o I note VISA and MasterCard, as well as popular payment systems QIWI and Webmoney.

Minimum account size to IQ Option in rubles is only 300 rubles, which, in my opinion, available to almost everyone. Choosing the RUB as a currency account, we get rid of the cost of converting, and so saving money.
Rubles binary options trading
In addition, if in the future I plan to spend profits in Russia, received the results of bidding, it is more convenient to keep a Deposit in the national currency of the Russian Federation. In this case, get rid of any of the effects of changes in the dollar against the ruble, and You will always know exactly what amount You have.

Now You know that a rouble Deposit is not recorded separately and only need to switch the currency in personal account settings. This procedure takes only 1-2 minutes, and then you can get to work. By the way, the minimum value of a binary option on the rouble Deposit of 30 RUB.

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