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Affiliate program - the best choice in binary options
Financial markets are one of the most attractive destinations for owners of Internet resources and web masters. The interest of the population, for example, in the Forex market and binary options is constantly growing (see Fig.1) this is not surprising.

First, the level of financial literacy of the population, people do not trust mattresses and a three-liter banks, realizing the strength of the current inflation.

Secondly, ambitious people looking for the opportunity to Express themselves and to find a way to earn an income, that there were no restrictions in the size of income, as in a classical work.

Third financial markets have become more available in a variety of values, for example, to start trading you only need $10 and to enter into transactions directly from your smartphone. Of course, if you approach trading seriously, it is time for "litanie cats" can stay, but how eloquently tells us statistics, ambitious people are willing to sacrifice.

Why "partner" for binary options

In my opinion, we must proceed from what is good and convenient for our readers, which is beneficial for us (webmasters). Meeting the needs of readers and worthy remuneration from the company partner, which acts as broker, offers its services on the binary options market, this is the best combination for webmasters.

The benefits of traders who have chosen binary options:

• affordable entry into the market - from $10;
• a large number of free lessons, training video, etc.;
• no installation of additional software;
• ability to make deals with PC, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.;
• perhaps the most transparent conditions (simple trading rules);
• the large size of the remuneration (75-85% of the value of the transaction, which could last only a minute).

Benefits webmasters who have decided to partner with a binary options broker:

• the steadily growing interest of the population to the financial market (Fig.1 this is evident);
• high reward, because traders often work with quite serious deposits;
• payments in us dollars, and it's true;
• work in the "cash" field.

Choosing a binary options broker the role of the partner

It is necessary to proceed from the needs and capabilities of potential customers, and therefore it is necessary to take into account the U.S. dollar to the national currency (in Russia or any CIS countries). To choose as a partner organization, allowing the trader to open an account from $250 not worth it, because not every novice speculator financially and psychologically ready to Deposit even the minimum amount.

In my experience I can say that a beginner does not want to risk large him sum of money, but because the first Deposit is small. Then, when people will understand all that is happening in the market, he likely will make a serious Deposit.

So, you need a company with the democratic bills, professional support team that hadn't lost a potential customer who clicks Your link on the website of the broker and comply with its obligations towards a partner (in front of us).

Taking into account the above factors as a broker-partner, I was approached by a company importantly, the company. - the official website.

• The minimum Deposit for trader is $10.
• Have a ruble account.
• Transactions from $1.
• There is a free demo account (for training) and various training materials.
• Customer relations with clients - professionals (and in terms of assistance to the trader, and in turning a potential customer into an active client of the company).
• Transparent stats, timely payments, good rates for webmasters.

Affiliate program terms and conditions importantly, the company

The visitor of Your online resource, simply go to the link to the website of the broker and this person is attached to Your "affiliate". We now turn to the basic rules of the affiliate program broker importantly, the company:

• the minimum payout is $20;
• payments are made 2 times a month (5th and 20th day);
• the size of the reward - 7% of the amount of each transaction involved with You the client;
• money transfer is one of several options.

Now comment on the above data. Firstly, $20 is a small thing when You're working with importantly, the company. Don't even have to have a relevant website, feel great, and the owners of Internet resources on financial markets, and webmasters from different blogs on the topics related to money only indirectly.

Second, 7% is a very good amount of remuneration given that it is paid for all trades of the trader (profitable and unprofitable). Please note that over time, the number of speculators who opened accounts via Your affiliate link will increase and You will earn money with each transaction all these people.

How to attract more customers and start earning good money? First you need to register as a partner broker importantly, the company, and then, as they say, to You and cards in hands" - a great opportunity to approach the task creatively and come up with their own way of attracting traders. You can go off the beaten path, reviewed and placing advertising banners prepared by the experts of the company.

What's missing affiliate program broker importantly, the company? In my opinion, may not be enough but what is the affiliate program of the company is not satisfied, but the most interesting that to find significant drawbacks not obtained, and therefore, change nothing and do not need. Of course, you always want a higher interest rate than it is, but it is a question of ambition and gluttony of the webmaster (me in particular), and not a fault of the affiliate program.

Importantly, the company I work with for a long time and have never regretted my choice. In addition to the above, the broker periodically conducts various competitions among the partners. This story is about my choice, Binome as a partner, as written in the framework of the contest held by the company.

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