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Binary options 30 seconds. Brokers and trading method options 30 seconds
The short-term trades in the binary market today are binary options 30 seconds. They are not all brokerage companies, so, before considering the trading method, refer to the list of organizations that have in their arsenals 30 second options.

List brokers are only inspected and licensed company you can trust. So, binary options with expiration time of 30 seconds you can trade from the following companies:

• 24option
• uTrader
• Verum

In principle, even these options are enough for choice, as it is a very large and reliable brokerage company with favorable trading conditions. In addition, all three options are certified in Russia, 24option CRFIN regulator, uTrader FMRRC, and the company Verum is controlled and CROFR and CRFIN.

Binary options 30 seconds: it is important to trade

To trade options for half a minute not just, in my opinion, it is more efficient to use this strategy for work with contracts for 60 seconds. The task is complicated by the fact that even such a convenient schedule with the increase, which is at 24option has a minimum 1m timeframe:
The one minute options on the market
This means that each candle on the chart can't fit less than 1 minute, and the deal we have will last only 30 seconds. The second difficulty lies in the fact that the indicators are virtually helpless when dealing with short-term deals. They are too inert to open such short-term positions, so their use immediately refuse.

We need pulses, sharp price movements that you can use, because in such circumstances increases the probability of the market rebound in the opposite direction. As price momentum we use the sequence of minute candles that are easy to observe in the zoomed charts company 24option.
Price momentum for binary options 30 seconds
Wait, when will appear in the chart directional price movement of 3 or more unidirectional candles. They should be short relative to other candles on the market. For trading it is better to use volatile assets, for example, I tested this strategy on EUR/USD. The figure below shows a situation that would fit best:
24option and options trading 30 seconds
Why wait for such short-term trends on a minute chart? Sharp pulses market prices, as a rule, rapidly cleared than we will use in their speculative purposes.

Binary options 30 seconds: trading process

For a start find price action that looks like a few candles aimed in the same direction. Next, we need to wait on the chart formed candle, directed in the opposite direction (a different color). Immediately after closing of the purchased binary option 30 seconds, which should be directed in the same direction where the previous reversal candle.

For example, if the market fell and then on the chart has formed candle growth, we acquire the call option "above" with time to expiration 30 seconds. There is another important point, which is connected with the filtering of signals. The fact that the candle market reversal must demonstrate the desire of the market to regain positions lost during the price movement.
Candle binary options 30 seconds
If the candle has a long shadow (line, which can be formed in the case, if the price was moving in a certain direction, and to the closure of candles back), then it can be considered a reversal. In this case, you need to wait for the close of the next candle, which would assess her. Next describe in detail this example with a filtered signal.

The market fell, as can be seen in the illustration below, and then next candle shows growth, but let's look at it more closely. In candles there are virtually no "body", but only the shadow. It is a demonstration that the market is in no hurry to turn up, but varies on location, so we better refrain from purchasing a binary option for 30 seconds.
30 seconds to surgery for options
Such circumstances are precisely when the probability of continuation of price movement (in this case falling) is quite high. It is better to skip such a situation and wait until than to get into a risky deal with the option of 30 seconds. I repeat that the method is working, but there are more effective options for one-minute deals, as mentioned above.

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