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Binary options strategy 1 minute. An effective strategy for minute options.
One of the hallmarks of binary options is the ability to earn high interest rates on deals that last just a minute. In other financial markets there is no such option, because there should wait a long time, what would the market value was removed from the purchase price.

The more time until the execution of a binary option, the more difficult it is to predict the behavior of prices, because in the future there will be new factors influencing the market, to take into account that it is currently not possible. Hence the increased interest in short-term options trading.

Today we rosgenerating binary options 1 minute, based on the principle of deviation and return the market price. Trading method can be called proven, there are numerous results on strategies of this principle.

Description of strategy 1 minute

The principle of strategy is not new and has different variations, one of which will be offered to You today. It is a simple method, because there are a lot more "fancy", but it already will be enough for you to start earning on the binary options market.

Strategy one minute

First you need to talk about the principle of trade, which we will consider in more detail. In financial markets, whether Forex, stocks, indices and so on, periodically there are periods when price moves in a narrow range. It's not just about sideways movement of the market, which is called flat, but also slow the growth rate or Vice versa it is falling.

Visually identifying similar behavior of market prices, we are prepared to trade. While the price moves abruptly or the market has not decided which side to shift, it's better to just monitor the situation. At this time, you can pay attention to other assets, because strategy 1 minute applicable to the various instruments.

As soon as we see that market condition is suitable for our trade, waiting for the right moment to purchase a binary option. As a signal for the transaction would be a sharp jump of the prices in any of the parties, as shown in the illustration below.

Signals strategy, 1 minute chart

Immediately noticeable is that the market breakthrough twitched, for example up, then you need to quickly buy a binary option PUT ("down") until the price came back. Before the time select 1 minute, which is enough that the market would "back" the price in the former range, due to which we earn money.

Preliminary results of trading using this method:

• Example of earnings
• Profit GrandOption

These moments occur periodically and are associated with the appearance on the market of relatively large orders, which buys counter volumes from several neighboring prices:

The subtleties of the one-minute strategy

Of course, market participants tend to take advantage of the situation, taking the volume of large orders. Very quickly there is the effect - the price goes back approximately to the same position, which shifted a major player. It is important to buy a binary option before the market will return its position, otherwise you'll have to wait for the next event.

Trading results for binary strategy

Requirements, binary options strategies

Any strategy that is designed for binary options trading 1 minute, speed is important and accuracy of all operations. In addition, you need to pay attention to the payouts on turbo-options, as of 1 minute refers precisely to this category of contracts. Here are all the basic requirements for the successful use of the binary options strategy 1 minute:

• broker with quick and accurate execution of trades;
• high payments for short-term agreements;
• fast terminal.

Imagine that the price jumped out of the corridor, You clicked on the buy button binary option, and while the terminal is "thought", the market returned to its former value. In this situation, You will receive a agreement no longer at a bargain price. The desired speed that the transaction was immediately and without delay, otherwise earn on short-term operations will be extremely difficult.

A handy terminal for a binary options 1 minute
Convenient platform for trading short-term binary options in this company.

It is therefore recommend to pay attention to a few good options that were selected when testing different companies:


You can safely run in any of these organizations, it is a large brokerage with excellent trading conditions, which are suitable for use options strategies 1 minute. In some other organizations of the delay in the execution of the application brought all efforts to nothing.

Terminal for trading options 1 minute

As assets for a start I recommend to pay attention on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD, which is easier to work with. When you might have already started with a trading method, you can add other assets which can be stocks of large companies. You should already be see from the graph, which tools are suitable for this method of trade, and which are not.

Strategy 1 minute binary options market does not require a large amount of time for its development. As a rule, it is possible in just 1-2 weeks to get the necessary skill to quickly identify the suitable for trading situation, and timely acquisition of short-term option. Let me remind you that there are more complicated options, but you can start with, which is described above.

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