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Binary options trading game profitable
The binary options market every year becomes more and more popular, which raises many questions regarding the device, the operation of this site. It is possible to consider binary options? Any activity you can imagine in completely different ways, such as the game or the business of life.

For example, it is enough to remember football is for fans of the game and for the players - a matter of life. Same thing in the financial markets, where for some people binary options trading is a game, and for others a way of earning a very decent money.

If You are not familiar with binary options, I recommend you to read some articles to better understand what was going on:
  • what are binary options
  • how to work and earn with binary options
  • how to open binary option account
The rules of the game binary options

First of all, I note that you do not need any special programs for earning on the option. We need to decide on the brokerage company through which all transactions are carried out. That would not have to spend a lot of time, I recommend this review brokers. Can still use the services of those companies through which we (administrators own trade 24option and uTrader.

Binary market will "remain without pants", even if the present situation is that lose. We are in trade risk only the amount for which you buy the binary option. The cost of this contract, each person sets on their own, but every broker has a certain limit, for example, options from $5, like optiontime or from $24 like 24option. You can set the value higher, at least $10,000, but not less than allow the trading conditions of the company.

The whole game is binary options are traded in your account on the website of the broker. There you can choose stocks, currency pairs, commodities and so on, and the range is very wide. For example, we have chosen Apple shares, has opened the online schedule market price. Now we just need to observe what is happening, what would be the right time to buy the contract (a binary option).

Option is of two types, namely, the decrease in the market rate and its increase. This means that you can make money on rising prices and their fall. The easiest way for a beginner is to wait for such a situation on a chart:
Game with options on trend
If the market has a clear trend (slope of the graph up or down), it often indicates a gradual change of instrument (shares). This may be the consequence of massive sales of securities, the release of important news concerning the activities of the company and so on.

We also need to quickly understand which way the wind blows" that would buy a binary option.

Each contract has its own expiration time, that is the time when you total. We need to correctly identify which way the market will go until the option expires. If correctly determine at the time of execution at once make a profit, if not correct, it just will not return the funds, which bought the contract.

For example, if the market is growing, you buy a binary option call ("up", "above"), and if the price decreases, then the put ("down", "below"). The time of expiration can be selected from 30 seconds (not all companies) to several months. If, at the time of execution of the contract the market price will be higher than that at which we purchased this call option, then we get the profit (for example, uTrader binary option eur/usd profit is 85% of the contract value).
Chart binary option profit
Strategy game, binary options

Sometimes just to understand what direction the price will move next, but there's no hurry with the decision. To buy an option only in the moment when we are sure. To win at binary options you need to be accustomed to trade, what help bonuses brokerage firms. You can, for example, if the account is to receive from the company bonus more money to trade or to make a few trades absolutely risk-free (risk-free options) to your account.

Here are a few points that suggest to pay attention, not only to play the binary options market, but also to win:
  • trade only in large companies;
  • if the account is ask the Manager of Deposit bonus or risk free;
  • if unsure, better wait for another moment;
  • start again to trade the cheapest options that would get used;
  • if You sit at the computer, do not waste your time, trade straight from work (of course, part of it is a joke).
When there will be a clear understanding of what binary options are, how to handle them and so forth, for better results I advise you to read about a very effective trading system. Everything is painted in great detail with illustrations, so you can review the material and apply it in their game binary options.

The fact that there is in the behavior of the market price of certain features, which can be very good money. On the website, we periodically spread the examples of earning on the option that the newcomers can understand - earn money playing binary options is quite real.

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