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Binary platform, test the best brokers platforms
Success in binary options trading not rarely depends not only on the knowledge and skills of the trader, but also on the conditions of the broker and its binary platform. Speech today will focus on the terminals, where transactions are conducted. Will have a look how each of the platforms, how quickly it responds to the orders of the merchant, convenient to use.

As a Guinea was taken by the trading terminals of the following companies: uTrader, 24option, Binarium, OptionBit. Consider the pros and cons of each of the binary platforms.

Binary platform uTrader. Broker company uTrader is called, "the dog ate" on the financial market, so it's up to her terminal, I immediately planned to cling to. This is one of the leaders in binary market so that the demand would be appropriate.

uTrader company's official website.

Platform review uTrader

The entrance to the private office where space is to analyze the market and transactions cannot be considered instantaneous. Inside, everything is very logical and intuitive, even when You first began to work options. You can choose from types of options, as detailed in the review of the broker uTrader, and then observe the price chart of the selected contract.

In the rest everything is standard, choose the expiry time of the option its cost and see two buttons, which occurs due to the acquisition of the contracts call (price increase) or put (falling prices). After clicking, a separate window to confirm the operation. It is necessary, to protect against accidental pressing.

Trading platform for binary options

Terminal very quickly handles all the switching of the trader. There is a slight delay with the change of the tool, but that's not the important point in the trading process will not be affected, rather it is a quibble, because in General the terminal uTrader very simple and quick. At uTrader is, transactions without risk to the trader!

Binary platform 24option. Also very serious the broker is always nice to advise people who have decided to trade binary options. The first thing I want to complain about the personal background of the study, in which trade takes place in all companies considered in this review.

The 24option official broker's website.

The 24option platform is the choice of professionals

Selecting the type of option and switching timeframe (periods) there is no delay. The functionality in most of the platforms are almost identical, so a few minutes will be spent on the development of a single terminal, which would be free to navigate the shopping space of any broker. Choose the type of option instrument, set the time of execution (expiry) of the contract, then we see his schedule and evaluate the market.

Apparently, 24option is the most convenient terminal point of view, the absence of any delays to trade short-term contracts. Display is large enough so that the analysis carried out conveniently. The performance is simply wonderful - click "Buy" and then get the agreement with the selected price. Review of the 24option broker you will find by clicking the link and there is information how to get a cash bonus on the account for a new customer!

Binary platform Binarium. Broker Binarium is the first binary company in Russia. About the situation with Russian binary options trading I recommend to read in a separate article, which discusses in detail the advantages and disadvantages of companies in Russia.

Binarium website binary broker.

Broker platform Binarium

Pretty quick switch between the options and run periods. Transactions are processed quickly. In this binary platform is able to increase the price chart, and change its appearance, choosing from two options, candlestick and line.

On the chart there is an icon that allows you to automatically carry out situation analysis on several technical algorithms. Especially trust this system not worth it, but to see her would be nice. Broker review of Binarium and the opportunity to receive 3 risk-free trades!

Binary platform OptionBit. Feature retail space broker OptionBit is in the analytical capabilities of their proprietary terminal called AlgoBit. In addition to classic platform, the company offers full-fledged multi-center that is even able to give signals of a certain kind.

OptionBit website brokerage company.

Platform for binary options trading

On the classical form of the terminal will not stop, but rather will notice that AlgoBit. On the broker's site there is a video where in a few minutes learn about all the opportunities that accrue to the client company using a proprietary terminal.

The platform helps to calculate trends for those instruments that are included for analysis (in the current time scale). For beginners, it will probably be very useful to analyze trends on their own, and through smart terminal. Before you start trading still recommend to watch the video, ask a question to the support so as to learn AlgoBit is more complex than other platforms because of its functionality.

All companies, which was discussed today, are large and tested brokers. In my opinion the most convenient platform for short term options (30 seconds) in 24option. Terminal uTrader itself is great - comfortable, with great graphic, intuitive. I would call a universal terminal, which is perfect for any trade (you can tell, my choice).

In Binarium decent platform, but it lacks the more obvious the quotes window. In addition, did not notice that You walked out of the terminal after disconnecting. The Cabinet will look, as always, but when I try to make a deal all will become clear. OptionBit has made a good attempt to create a multi-functional terminal, which will also help to identify trends. There definitely is not possible to evaluate the terminal, let's say that he was an Amateur and for those who need extra "features".

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