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Exchange binary options - how to trade
Financial markets are much more than can imagine people who have nothing to do with trading. In addition to the widely known Forex and stock market are commodity platform, commodity markets, exchange binary options and other.

They differ in the location (can work within one country or worldwide), liquidity (turnover of money, so to speak) with the principle of profit generation. On the last moment then will tell more when we will talk about earnings on a binary exchange.

A few facts about the market of binary options:

• officially registered in the US in 2008;
• to trade enough even $10;
• to open an account, top up, start trading, take profits can not get up from his chair (and spend the money for a long time can not leave home);
• to pay for anything not necessary (trading terminal is free and is the personal account of the speculator on the website of the broker about that later).
Exchange binary options on the price chart
The market, in my opinion, the most speculative, so it's all done so that would be convenient to the trader. For example, the account is opened on the website of the broker (read more) and the market analysis is conducted directly in your account - no need to search, download, install the software. By the way, more and more people make money with binary options trading using smartphones.

Exchange binary options - how to trade

Quite simply, it is not strange, will paint step by step:

• on the website of the broker registers a trading account (to be filled in a small questionnaire - takes 1-3 min);
• after a quick registration the trader is inside your personal Cabinet on the website of the broker and replenish the Deposit, which wants to use to trade;
• the speculator chooses any asset from a list (stocks, currencies, etc.), looks at the price chart, determine in which direction the price will go (strategy).

Now I would like to say a few words about the process of purchasing a binary option. Classic binary options are of two types:

• "above"
• "below"
Above and below - binary options
Option "above" is acquired in the case where we expect the growth in market prices. If we look at the chart and see that more likely to decline in price of course, buy the option of "below". The price of a binary option is determined by us alone, but it can't be less than an established broker value, for example, $1.

You need to earn on the stock exchange of binary options? You need to determine rise or fall of the market price of the asset from the time when to acquire the option, until the closing of the transaction. By the way, we get to choose when you purchase the option are fulfilled (completed) transaction.

How much can you earn with binary operations on the stock exchange? When You choose the asset to trade, we will see the returns of it, for example, 87% with a call option on the currency pair EUR/USD. This means that if You correctly identify where the market will go and will purchase the appropriate option for $10, for example, "below", at the time of execution will receive $18,7 ($10 - Your cost for the purchase of the option and $8,7 - profit).
Income binary stock exchange

Binary exchange and options with a profit
Please note, there is no difference, how much will the market price of the asset from the time of the transaction until its completion. The fact that a trader in either case, receives a fixed amount of profit (for example, 87% of option value).

This is a very interesting way of earning money, especially when you consider that the length of binary options you can choose from 60 seconds (sometimes 30 sec.) to a few months. Of course, the most popular are options from 1 to 120 minutes.

Tools for trading binary options

For profit on the option you must correctly determine which side (up or down) the price will go. How to increase your chances of success, that would minimize the number of erroneous predictions?

In their trading traders use special trading strategy, and you can use other people's proven best practices, or develop their own, but this can only by experienced speculators. Next, we consider the two most simple and effective method of trading.

The first option is based on the conclusion of transactions on the trend. Simply put, we look at the price chart and try to follow the market:

• if the market fluctuates in some range (moving towards), waiting for the situation to change or proceed to the analysis of another asset;
• if the price gradually goes down, then sold the option, "below", relying on the continuation of this trend;
• if the price grows up, we need the option "above".

The performance you need to choose, taking into account the time scale, which is on the chart. Look at the illustration of the example:
Braila to trade binary options
To follow the trend advice that you can get not only on the exchange binary options any other financial market. More experienced traders like to say that the higher the probability of trend continuation than its reversal.

The second option is to trade on the news, which is described in detail here. If to convey the idea, it is to examine future economic events to identify the most important news. When the moment of the event and the market begins to react to new data, we simply buy a binary option pointing in the same direction, which will move the market.
Binary options and trading on the exchange
What economic events may be important, You will learn by reading the full review of the strategy. This trading method can be considered universal because it applies not only on the exchange of binary options, but also on other financial markets.

So, binary exchange is a financial market where trading binary options on the different assets. The hallmarks of the options is, for example, the fixed expiration date and a predetermined amount of profit. For trade account and access to the personal account of the brokerage company.

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