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How to earn on Forex without knowledge
For successful trading on the Forex market without knowledge and experience you can not do. No matter how much screaming the sellers of "wonder strategies and expert advisors that buying their product, every beginner can earn good money, the reality is, the hot air will not turn.

Want to analyze the market and make profitable trades? In this case, better get ready for a long process of learning, gaining experience and so on.

However, to earn on Forex without knowledge is possible, but requires help from professionals. Best of all, enjoy absolutely free and without hidden pitfalls, but all in good time.

Trading without knowledge

On Forex different ways to earn money for those who are still trading is not learned. The most popular options:

• PAMM-accounts investing in the work of professional traders that take used the result (a percentage of profits, and the rest of the profit remains with the investor);
• Trade signals - send recommendations in real time from a professional trader subscribers.

About the features of investing in the PAMM, and also on how to choose managers, You can read here, today I want to focus on the trading signals.

To earn on Forex without knowledge it is real and with the help of PAMM-accounts, and the use of signals. Each method has its pros and cons, but this review will list the features of signals:

• no need to hand over their money;
• retained control over the risk can be at your discretion to choose the volume of transactions (choose large or conversely small lots);
• unlike PAMM signals on Forex can be free;
• control over trade process is saved, for example, you can make deals not for all signals, but only those that relate to Your chosen currency pairs (or filter signals based on a different principle).

Signal selection when there is knowledge

The budget version in a variety of market offerings, the more that each "professional" praises their services. Unfortunately, the vast majority of traders simply extort money from gullible newcomers, giving mediocre recommendations and often and did potentially unprofitable signals.

Interest these would-be traders are clear, they rush to make money on other people, as they were not able to profit by trading on their deposits. However, there is good news - quality shopping tips to earn money on the financial market without knowledge do exist, and they are free.

Long story about the signals service will not, because all the details are already in the special review, the statistics for all the operations over a long period of time:

Review free signals - details about free service and statistics.

Service features:

• signals for currency pairs, trades on the binary options market;
• obtain recommendations and time-tested, absolutely free;
• all transactions are made during the daytime (GMT), usually in the amount of 40-60 units per month;
• service proven, information about his writings subscribers divided Alexander Popov;
• before the signal comes the signal.

By the way, it is not necessary to work out all the signals, so if some of the recommendations will be skipped, that's OK. Service free signals Alexander Popov helps its subscribers to earn on Forex currency trading without knowledge. The author signals earn own trade and earns a Commission from brokers for the Commission of all transactions.

Such a model work for free allows traders to copy the trades of a professional trader, and him to receive additional income from brokerage companies.

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