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How to make oil
Oil is a very volatile trading instrument in the financial markets. Its value is never stand still, and you can earn not only on the growth rate, but also on the decrease.

Of course, you can deal with the shares of companies operating in the oil sector, but it is quite difficult, as the shares will show a loss in the period of falling market, and the company may have its own internal problems.

However, it is possible to earn and on the drop of oil, and how to do it we consider today all the details.

To date, the most effective way of earnings on the change of the oil price is trading binary options oil. Sounds scary, but in fact, the binary options market is one of the easiest.

Binary option - an electronic contract for a particular asset, such as oil, has a fixed execution time (completion). In other words, we set the value of a binary option and choose when it ends (for example, you can choose 1 minute, one hour or even a week).

How to work with oil on the market

Profit we receive a fixed percentage of the value of binary option. For us it does not matter how much will the oil price since the acquisition of the option until completion of the transaction. In any case, if we correctly define the direction of price changes, we will make a profit (very noticeable).

Binary option and the income from it

Example. We learned from the news that OPEC has no plans to reduce oil production, even taking into account falling prices on black gold in the world. This information gives us to understand that prices will continue to fall further. We go to your trading account (how to open it - see below), select an asset - OIL (oil), specify the option price, such as $50 and is determined by the execution time (say 30 minutes).

After 30 minutes, the total for the transaction is supplied automatically (we even present at the terminal not required). If the market rate has fallen at least 1 penny we earn 80% of the value of the transaction ($40). If, for example, signed a contract for $100, then the profit would be $80. The money is immediately reflected in the balance sheet and they have no problem immediately deduce (remove).

Where is the best to earn on oil

Personally, I use to trade binary options on commodities (oil, gold), the company uTrader. First, the company is regulated by Russian FMRRC, second, uTrader large percentage of remuneration for the asset. For example, at 24option, where I love to work with options on currency (83% profits), the income from electronic contracts of oil or gold is only 73%.

Assets of the binary options market

As for the trade, the conclusion of a successful transaction, it is sufficient to follow the news regarding the oil market. This may include statements by OPEC, production data, and simply track the prices of black gold.

You can earn a drop of oil, do not end, if we see that prices are constantly falling, then you need to buy binary options below (put). If we see that market is aligned, it produces a deficit or just have information about the growing world oil consumption, we need binary options "above" (call). In the terminal, this difference is expressed only in the two buttons:

Drop of oil - how to make

To open an account for trading binary options on a variety of events, resources, currency, etc., is very simple. Just go to the official website and go through a quick registration (couple minutes). Replenish a Deposit, which we plan to use to purchase binary options (for comfortable operation it is desirable from $250-300 or equivalent in other currency).

All trade takes place in the personal Cabinet on the company website, so no need to install any software. It is very convenient if you consider that most people throughout the day. You can visit the company website, log in, look online for schedule and to buy a binary option on the asset interested.

Here is an example of trading in oil when earned on the price adjustment after the sharp fall:

Example of earnings on oil

Do not just buy an option to all funds on Deposit. It is advisable to buy electronic contracts worth up to 10% of Your capital. You can earn not only on oil but also on other assets, which a large number.

To Fund your account and withdraw your profit in various ways, for example, by plastic cards (VISA, MasterCard), electronic payment systems, QIWI, Webmoney), and so on. The profit You will receive in us dollars, which is also very important at the present time.

Binary options are perhaps today is the most convenient way to earn on oil and other assets. Very convenient that You can get profit, even with a stock BMW, even with the exchange rate of the Euro, if you see a suitable situation, and all this within the same trading platform.

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