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How to open a demo on options Binamo
Registering for a demo account with a broker importantly, the company is very simple and takes only a few minutes. To get started go here, find the button "Register" (at the time of writing, it was in the upper right corner).

Fill in the fields appeared in the form and click "Demo account". Next, the procedure of registering a demo account will have to repeat the process to open a real.

On a demo Deposit You immediately will display the balance points, which are purchased binary options.

It turns out that the opening of your demo on options Binamo is fully automated, it is not necessary to wait for confirmations, agreements, etc. You get the training Deposit immediately after registration and then can use it.

Differences demo from real binary options

Sometimes it is possible to meet opinion that demo and live accounts are significantly different from each other, so it is impossible to Deposit training learn how to trade. Actually this is a mistake.

• Quotes are transferred from the market to the trading platform (review of terminal Bonomo), is exactly the same for both types of accounts;
• The fees also do not change;
• The technical tools available to traders real Deposit in full is available to merchants who work on the "demos".

In other words, in Binome tried to make identical deposits intended for real and demo trading. I think that You will find between them is no technical difference.

How to switch from demo to real at Binamo

Trading on a demo Deposit does not bear any financial risks, but also to make money, the trader also will not succeed. Sooner or later you will need to make the transition from demo to the real world, of course, if the person still intends to profit from trading.

The demo options in Binamo easily switch to real trading. To the top of the screen click on "Open real account", and then we will be asked to fill up a Deposit to start trading on a real account.

Again we find ourselves in a familiar platform, but now the balance is already not in the points marked "demo account", and in banknotes. It is important not to start to worry as it can easily negatively affect the trading results. You will need to act exactly the same as it is on "demo".

A lot to learn on demo options have importantly, the company

First and foremost, beginners should pay attention to the terminal device. You can familiarize yourself with the tools to study the asset list offered by the broker for trade, and so on.

The next step is the conclusion of transactions, because you need to "feel" the buttons, switches, buy several of binary options, to understand how this happens.

By opening a demo binary options have importantly, the company, we can test strategy. To take the case after meeting with the platform and its tools. Strategies make the trading process system, reducing the effect of random factor at times.

Trading strategies - an overview of several popular trading systems.

For successful work in the market enough for one system, so it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the available options and choose the one that will suit You to a greater extent. Each trader selects a method of trading for themselves, so the best strategy for everyone, probably, does not exist.

Demo account importantly, the company is absolutely free, so they are very convenient to use. The registration of such Deposit trader to what does not oblige, it can some time to practice on demo and then go to trade binary options to another company, based on their own reasoning. Although, personally, I don't see the point, as Binamo good option for trading binarne.

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