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How to use IQ Option in binary options trading
The company IQ Option is the international broker of the binary options market. This is one of the most popular platforms for trading "binarni", its services are used by hundreds of thousands of traders that operate in dozens of countries.

One of the main advantages is the possibility to start trading with a 300 RUB free demo account (more about them) and the work of the organization on weekends (full trade on Saturdays and Sundays).

For successful trading it is not enough just to register an account with a broker, you need to have an idea how to use IQ Option. In its work to improve the efficiency of trade, speculators use special strategies about which further and speech will go.

- register your account with the maximum benefit for themselves (here IQ Option if you Deposit gives bonus cash for new customers).

Use the theory of probability in IQ Option

As already mentioned, the organization offers its customers affordable bills (300 RUB) and cheap binary options (30 RUB). These advantages of the broker can and should be used that allows us to do strategy, based on mathematical calculations and, more specifically, on the theory of probabilities.

This technique helps to use the services of IQ Option to get rid of the negative effects of trade. In other words, losing trades, which is still impossible to completely free, will be a special way to overlap the increased yield of the following operations.

Win-win strategy – a full system inspection.

Perhaps this strategy is the most popular on the market of binary options. To be successful, a trader will definitely need a account that allows you to buy cheap options, as the system conditions provided by the increasing value of "binary" in the process.

Use the news to trade in the IQ Option

The second option is the use of IQ Option in trading, is justified in the financial plan at 100%. This time we are talking about trade with the economic news. In this case, the trader does not have a long time to be at the terminal, waiting for the right moment to open a position.

We know in advance when and what news is announced, this means that we know what time to be at the broker. The economic calendar traders can pre plan their actions, noting the most important events that they will be used for transactions.

Trading the news – a description of the trading system.

This strategy is perfect for traders who can't a large amount of time to devote to trading. In addition, work with economic news can easily be combined with other types of systems.

How to use the terminal for IQ Option trade with the trend

Another way, which I would like to tell, make use of a technical indicator called "Moving average". This algorithm is in the set of technical tools broker, and allows the use IQ Option for trading with the trend, which is determined by using the indicator.

The method is very simple. We locate on the chart the indicator "Moving average", putting in the settings type EMA with a period of 30. Now before us there was a middle line, showing the changes in the market trends.

Trade with the trend – a full description of the method.

To enter into a trade only in the direction of the current trend, as determined by EMA. The signal to buy a binary option is a deviation of market prices from the middle line against the trend.

Of course, to enter into transactions necessary only in case, when on the chart, there has been a pronounced trend (whether increasing or decreasing). Option is purchased at the time of completion of correction can be defined as a price reversal in the trend direction.

In this review I tried to describe the most effective ways IQ Option (website broker). There are many other trading strategies, namely, the above options represent the best combination of ease of development (use) and high performance.

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