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How to win in binary options
Even nothing about trading people can randomly make money trading binary options. Of course, this result is accidental and without proper training, the dealer is unlikely to repeat again, but theoretically to guess which of the two parties will be the price of the asset (up or down) is quite real.

If you do not want to rely on luck and chance, and consistently win at binary options you need a system that helps the chance of sway.

How to understand this? If for example to take the classic binary options, the seller can choose one of two options:

• earnings on the fall in the market rate of the assets;
• earnings on the market price of the asset.

Even when to buy binary options at random, the number of profitable and losing trades is about the same (50/50), but for the money this probability distribution needs to change in their favor. Don't forget that the profit on the transaction is always less than the loss on the same position.

For example, we bought the option for $10 when the asset yield 85%. If the deal proves successful, then we will earn $8.5 if the contract closed with a loss, we lose $10.

How to win in binary options

To answer the question of how to win at binary options you need to refer to trading strategies, because without them the chances of a stable income will tend to zero.

Strategy to win

Every trading strategy focuses the trader on a strictly limited number of factors, for example, one system involves the accounting of economic events, other offers to conclude the transaction, by monitoring a pair of three technical indicators, and so on.

Sometimes beginners ask: "do I need in my trading to consider Non-Farm or not?" To take into account any factors such as economic news, the testimony of technical indicators, etc., is necessary only in case if they are used the chosen trading strategy.

Winning binary options indicators

To win in the binary options market, you need to decide on a trading strategy and then follow all its rules and conditions. To enter into transactions at random or try to predict further price movement looking at the graph, it is not necessary, it is a direct way to loss of capital.

A couple of companies in the terminals which are the indicators:

• account from $10 (FMRRC certificate);
• account from $200 (license CRFIN).

Here are a few strategies that I can recommend:

• Authoring system turbo-options
• Trading on the news
• Win-win strategy (a pretty simple and effective way of trading)

Systems are created not just in the heart of each of them will have some kind of idea of market pattern that defines a set of tools that will benefit the trader. For example, you win on binary options, making deals with the publication of important economic data.

In this case, the trader will only need an economic calendar, and any other factors will not be taken into account. The trader is studying the schedule of economic events, and signals of different technical indicators it already and do not care.

Economic calendar for binary options trading

Similar situation with any other strategy - as soon as one has selected a system in which he is sure, are taken into account only the factors and instruments which are part of the chosen methodology.

How to choose a system to win on binary options

Trading strategy each trader chooses for themselves, because the system needs to be comfortable. Some merchants safely managed with one-minute binary options, others work short-term contracts very uncomfortable. Each technique has its own characteristics, and positive results can be achieved by working on a variety of strategies.

Since above I mentioned multiple systems, then give them a brief description, so You can quickly select a suitable strategy and to begin its development.

System turbo options. Already from the name it becomes clear that this strategy was created in order to win at binary options with a small expiry period. The methodology will appeal to those who like to enclose a relatively large number of trades per day and get quick results.

How to win in turbo-options

The system is designed for efficient one-minute trade turbo options. This strategy is a proven and can be used in the accounts of different brokers, providing favorable conditions for short-term contracts.

Trading on the news. The strategy does not require a large amount of free time or a serious professional-level trader. Periodically (every few days) to view an economic calendar, select the most significant events and run the terminal for a few minutes before news.

The application of economic events to win in the market

Next, the trader has to apply the principle to conclude transactions in the direction in which is moving the price of the asset. Method is quite simple and at the same time very popular, and on various financial markets.

Win-win strategy. This name of the system is due to the fact that no loss trade goes unpunished" for the market. The method is especially interesting the way statistics are on the side of the trader help him in trading.

This system is very interesting and should satisfy most of the novice traders who often wonder how to consistently win in binary options.

If you want to learn how to consistently win in the binary options market, I recommend not trying to play "guessing game" and immediately prepare for serious work with one of the strategies. By the way, experienced speculators who have mastered multiple systems, apply them simultaneously, which positively affects the final result of their trading.

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