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Indicator Genesis Matrix Forex. Download free Genesis Matrix.
Hello, the subject of this article will be the Genesis Matrix indicator. The described technical analysis tool was created by a number of traders, and later published in one well-known foreign forum. It can be used by everyone, because on the Internet it is distributed free of charge.

This indicator for the period of its establishment, had several conceptual versions, and the latest generation of this tool was published in 2012. You can safely judge what the final version of the presented indicator includes all the main advantages of the previous options, but along with that did not inherit their shortcomings.

In his brief interview on the forum one of the authors of the indicator told the story about how he was creating algorithm what problems faced the authors and what has been done for way out of difficult situations.

It all started with creating a trading system called Symphony Trading System. The basic module of the strategy was the indicator that looks like a Genesis. The history he gave great signals, but when using it in real time there is one insidious part – the updates. Roughly speaking, this indicator changed their testimony, even when the current candle closed and this phenomenon occurs very often.
How looks Genesis Matrix Forex
It took a small group of programmers that were designed to eliminate the redrawing of the indicator. After some time, there is a basic version of Genesis in which the creators have eliminated redraw three of the four modules, formiruyutsya final signal. Later in the work of the indicator has joined another professional programmer, and he was able finally solve the problem modules. As a result, the light appeared Genesis Matrix indicator.

The main characteristics of the Genesis Matrix

The truth is, this indicator cannot be considered to be some revolutionary invention, it is only in the more evident form displays several technical modules.
Genesis Matrix in the terminal
As You can see in the example above, this indicator consists of four main modules, the combination of signals which generates the possibility to open positions.

• The top line displays the Genesis indicator signals called TVI. He was drafted and submitted to the investor by the name of William Blau. Tool according to its structure is an oscillator that account in his testimony options tick volume and moving average exponential type.
• Below is the GHL module, which is based on a moving average, however, GHL sensitivity of any mA. Accordingly, we will receive the most accurate and timely signals a trend change.
• Below is the unit of T3, the calculation of which is based on the performance of several moving averages.
• The last line is the CCI is a standard indicator that is initially installed Metatrader 4 terminal. Genesis Matrix it acts like a filter and helps to keep track of overbought and oversold of the market.

Depending on price movement, all four lines change their testimony, and do we necessarily need to wait for those moments when the colors will be the same for all four modules. Additionally I would like to mention that Genesis is multitimeframe tool, that is, in its settings you can set the desired period of time, which will be read data.

For example, You want to look for a potential entry point on M15 timeframe, taking into consideration the larger timeframe. Thus, on the chart M15 you can install Genesis and in its settings, specify to display information with larger time intervals. Thus, you will not need to spend valuable time on the analysis of several periods, all will be concentrated within a single workspace.

I recommend to pay attention to these two indicators:

• Rubicon

application of the Genesis Matrix in practice

To be honest, the provided indicator is used in standalone form, not very often, rather, it is an integral part of the trading algorithm called Genesis Matrix System. However, at a certain approach, this tool can give fairly good signals.

Most often, traders use it as "screens of an elder", that is, on one price chart indicator is set, and Genesis several times, taking into account the testimony of several timeframes.
The Genesis matrix indicator in Forex
The above example you can see that the indicator has been set on the chart twice. In the first case, he considers the testimony of M15, the second M30. Pink vertical line was marked by a potential signal to enter into the purchase, as all eight columns repainted in blue.

In the future, we see that the price went safely in the right direction, and the output would occur on the candle, marked with a blue tick, one of the cubes and changed its color.

I would like to note that the most accurate and profitable signals the indicator generates in the development of the market and a strong directional price movement. With some practice You may notice that this tool does not repaint their values after the current candle closes, but there is one problem – he's late.
Indicator Genesis Matrix
Given this feature is in development consolidation in the market will appear many losing trades, but the profit from reliable signals will cover all costs with a vengeance. It turns out that Genesis Matrix ought to choose an additional filter to the class as trend/flat.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Genesis Matrix Forex rarely used in a single form. As a rule, the basis for building a complete trading system, where both the records come from the signals from the several technical analysis tools.

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