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Indicator TDI - complete shopping complex in the Forex
The indicators of the Forex market can be divided on different principles, but one of the most obvious - the purpose of the program. Some instances are created to aid, for example, in determining the direction of the trend other to place orders take profit and stop loss.

Today You are invited to the TDI indicator with the description and use in Forex trading. A standard set of terminal MetaTrader 4 this algorithm is not included, but You can freely download below. The installation does not deserve attention, as is absolutely standard.

TDI (Traders Dynamic Index) is placed in a separate window, located under the graph. Its readings change when you switch time frames, so don't forget to include the TF, where you plan to work. Good results can be obtained when trading on TF=M15 and above.

The TDI indicator for MetaTrader 4

Please note that the display consists of several lines of different colors. Let's see what they represent:

Two blue lines are the Bollinger bands, which are built on the RSI indicator. To change settings you need to refer to the variable Volatility_Band. During testing, the TDI we have not experienced the desire to change presets.

Yellow line - the line of direction of market development. The slope of the yellow line, you can understand the General trend. This is the middle line, which is configured through Trade_Signal_Line.

The green line is the RSI indicator which will be used to make trading decisions.

The red line is a moving average that was built on the green line of indicator. It turns out that is a moving average of the RSI indicator. To install it you need to change the value RSI_Price_Line.

TDI on the chart of the currency pair

It's all part of the TDI indicator for MetaTrader 4. Now we will see how to use Traders Dynamic Index in your trading in the foreign exchange market.

The application of TDI in trade

There are several ways of using this indicator Traders Dynamic Index, as is usually the case, if we are talking about high-quality programs. Consider the option which allows you to find the entry point, and to determine the most optimum moment to exit from the position.

The definition of entry points for the TDI indicator. A simple but very effective way. No settings change is not necessary, but it is sufficient to install the program on a currency pair, e.g. GBP/JPY TF=M15.

The red line we recommend you do not use, at least in the way of trading that offer. Yellow line can serve as a filter that allows you to determine trend direction and to reject signals, for example, which are directed against its motion. Also, the yellow band, we will need at closing.

The main signals will collect from the blue and green lines. You have probably noticed that the blue lines form the channel, and the green bar moves between these bounds.

Line indicator - price channel

To determine the entry points of the TDI, we need to wait for the release of the green line beyond the boundaries of the channel formed by the blue boundaries. As soon as the RSI crosses the blue border, we need to be ready, expecting the return of the green band inside the channel. Cross-section, as shown in the illustration below will be a signal for the transaction.

Enter a trade on the indicator TDI

Let's see what will be the entry point, if you use the indicator Traders Dynamic Index:

What are the inputs in the transaction at TDI

As you can see, signals are not enough, so that you can actively work with multiple currency pairs. The indicator does not redraw its past values at the close of the candle so that its data is reliable. Now consider how best to close the deal with the TDI.

Closing positions by TDI indicator Forex. We offer to close the deal in parts, dividing the volume into two equal shares. For example, if You use a lot of 0.4, then the first 0.2 of the lot should be closed when the green line crosses the yellow.

Closed position at TDI

Please note that the first half of the transaction closed at the close of the candle where there is crossing green and yellow lines as shown above. The second part of the transaction is fixed at the close of the candle where there is crossing the green line from the opposite blue border.

The illustration above shows that the green line broke through the bottom blue border and came back, that was the signal for the deal buy. Then the green line crossed yellow, and as soon as the M15 candle where the crossing occurred, was closed, was fixed at 0.2 lots from the transaction is 0.4.

Then the green line has reached the opposite blue border. As soon as the candle on the M15 the market closed, happened fixing the result was the volume of (0.2 lot). Division the purpose of the transaction allows to reduce losses during the rapid reversal of the market that is also sometimes.

Pay attention here to these two indicators:


As of the closing mechanism of the loss used a very simple principle with two options:

green line after the conclusion of the agreement lacks to yellow and returns to the same blue border.
crosses the yellow line, but begins to turn in the opposite direction before reaching the opposite blue border.

The inputs and outputs according to the TDI

The indicator line is unfolding

In the second case, when the green line still crossed the yellow, we have already closed with a profit of half position (the intersection of the green and yellow). If the green line TDI will unfold in the opposite direction, it is necessary to fix the result remains the same volume.

TDI indicator Forex this is a very interesting indicator. On the one hand, it is not difficult, on the other hand is a full-fledged shopping complex, which do not necessarily combine with other programs.

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