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Indicator Trend Magic - the use of a trending algorithm in Forex
Trend indicators are often used by traders for intraday trading, that would not conclude agreements against current market trends. Indicator Trend Magic, perhaps, more like those traders who prefer medium and long term positions.

Download Trend Magic below You can for free. As for installation, there is nothing complicated - the usual copying file "File", "Open data catalog", "MQL4", "Indicators" (the path specified in the terminal MetaTrader 4). After a file is copied, close and restart the terminal.

The algorithm discards the correction, and other minor recurrent movements of prices, to demonstrate General long-term trend. Externally, the indicator is a bit like the standard high line, but it looks broken curve, but not smooth.
Terminal with indicator Trend Magic
Setting the Trend Magic is very simple, and the other, and do not wait to see how the indicator looks:

• CCperiod
• ATRperiod
How to set the Trend Magic
Both variables are responsible for the periods used in the indicator calculation. By changing the value, you can slow down or accelerate the reaction of the program on changes in the market situation. The role of a fast indicator Trend Magic feels insecure, his horse - demonstration of overall market trends, work in the direction of the trend medium-term transactions.

Use the Trend Magic Forex

The recommendations of the indicator says that you can make deals with the intersection of the market price of the programme. Indeed, to trade on Forex this way you can, but satisfactory results can be obtained only in volatile, even trending assets.
How it works the Trend Magic
Otherwise, we risk finding ourselves in a situation when price repeatedly crosses the line in both directions for a short period of time. As You may have guessed, we're talking about flat market, but this effect can be met with "mobile" tools in a wide range of values able to fall, then quickly fly up.

As the trend filter Trend Magic competes with a Trend Filter. However, I'm not going to compare these two algorithms, and will offer to do this yourself, because the impression will largely depend on the method of application of the indicator. In any case, you can install them together on one graph and compare the readings.

As a filter, Trend Magic is standard for gauges of this type - buy transactions will be discarded if the program demonstrates the reduction in price rate (red line), and for sale, if the line is blue.

Here is an example of the operation of this program on H1:
Forex indicator - cutter trend
As you can see, the attempts of the market to turn down, the indicator doesn't work, ignoring a small correction. Perhaps it is H1 and H4 for Trend Magic can be considered the best timeframe, and inside the situation with the signals much worse.

The program is called, "easy", no overloading of the trader a lot of information, but at the same time it demonstrates what is the current situation on the market. As a trading filter, it is possible to use this indicator, and to search for entry points to choose the better quality oscillator.

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