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Licensed binary options brokers - comparing companies
Experienced traders know which broker company trustworthy binary market, and which are questionable. For beginners it is nowhere to find out when they come to the binary options market, as there is a solid and is difficult to understand what the situation really is.

To earning on the option you want to register a trading account, and therefore, the selection of a broker is inevitable. To miss this question does not, after all, the safety of our products and the quality of services will depend on our choice.

Reliable are licensed binary options brokers, whose activity is strictly controlled by specific organizations (committees). If the broker does not have a certificate (license) is respected in the financial markets regulator, get in touch with him, perhaps not.
License brokers binary market
Specially shaped table with licensed brokerage companies you can trust. It is a reliable organization in which a high level of service, best trading conditions and are licensed important regulators:

* you can open a trading account in rubles (the amount will be equivalent to the minimum Deposit of USD)
** the best trading conditions (the remuneration on binary options), 1 - the best conditions and so on.

Licensed binary options brokers: types of licenses

Usually in the binary market found only a few financial regulators. Note the most popular options:

• CySEC European regulator (Cyprus), and controls the activities of the fin. companies registered in Cyprus;
• CRFIN, the Russian regulator is probably the biggest (it has real levers of influence);
• Russian FMRRC controller specializing in Forex and binary options;
• FCA - the regulator of the UK (common in binary options brokers).
CIF license CySEC
Some licensed binary options brokers prefer not to have only one certificate, and to comply with the terms of several observers in different countries. So the company will be more transparent to customers, and the credibility of these brokers and much more.

If you have questions to the company, then you can always turn for help to the controller. Of course, with the Russian "observer" will make it easier to interact, even if only from the point of view of the absence of the language barrier. In this respect, it is desirable that the broker worked with one of the financial regulators of the Russian Federation.
Licenses and nwinyi they brokers
The license is issued only if the recipient meets the requirements of the organization, overseeing financial companies. In addition, there are periodic checks of the broker and if there is a mismatch quality standards, the license will be revoked.

I recommend to read:

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Also, any customer of the company, controlled by the regulator, may apply to the Supervisory body with the claim. Next, there will be a trial and if found that the broker is really not right, then it will be obliged to solve the situation in favor of the trader.

Licensed binary options brokers: which one to choose

For example, the deletion of options, the company does not have a license, we have cut for themselves in the market range. Next we need to make a choice, because the certified company is not enough.

As additional selection criteria you can use, choosing the company which is the biggest compensation. Also note you can take "cost of entry" to the market, that is, the minimum Deposit. Perhaps for someone extremely important will be the high speed of withdrawal with binary options and so on.
Income from binary options from licensed brokers
For evaluation of companies at the other parameters, except for the licenses, you can use the data given in the table above). Please note that to begin trading binary options with a licensed broker you can Deposit $5, which allows to speak about availability of the overall market.

Let me remind you that almost every broker you can open ruble accounts (except Verum and OptionBit). For example, if you choose optiontime the minimum Deposit will be equal to 200*(the dollar exchange rate in rubles) at the time of replenishment. So, if $1=50 rubles., for account opening should be not less than 10.000 RUB. In principle, this is a very small amount to trade binary options with a licensed company. For good money, probably need even bigger amount.

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