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Minute binary options
Existing varieties of binary options did not appear immediately, first traders were offered contracts, which is now called classic. Later the range of available options has expanded through turbo options are characterized by small periods to expiration.

Traders have the ability to work with contracts from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, but the most popular were minute binary options, truly loved by fans of dynamic trading.

Minute binary options charts what you can find

Not all binary options brokers have user-friendly trading terminal for working with short-term contracts. In some platforms is not available, the switching time frames, in other missing or candlestick chart, or the ability to scale the image.

The timeframe for comfortable work with minute binary options should be relatively low, for example, 5-60 seconds. for one candle. Whether to trade short-term contracts here at these brokers:

• Importantly, the company (from $10) - can't switch the TF, but on the chart it just one that is best suited for work with minute transactions.
• 24option ($200) - opens a large chart, there is a switching time frames;
• Olymp Trade (from $10) - there is a big schedule and switch TF

There is another feature in a one-minute "binary". If you traded using 24option or Olymp Trade 60 seconds start to deduct at the time of the transaction. In other words, we push the button of purchase of the option and its expiry will be exactly in 1 minute.

Meet at the market where the principle of calculating the time different, for example, importantly, the company. Here the expiration time on the nearest BECAUSE is set automatically that we can see directly on the price chart:

A trader can buy goods with expiry at the designated time, for example, 1 minute to run, and maybe in 48 seconds. It turns out that it fixed the end of the contract, and we have to decide when to buy it.

Strategy for minute binary options

Each species THEREFORE has its own strengths and weaknesses that must be taken into account. Such features have in minute "binary".

Let's start with the pros:

• For successful trading BECAUSE 1 minute no need for serious fundamental analysis of the market;
• There is no psychological pressure, which can occur with prolonged anticipation of the completion of the operation;
• Full remuneration in most companies (not different from the yield the classical "binary").

There are also disadvantages:

• Must quickly assess the situation in the market and to act;
• Market noise not infrequently acts as an obstacle to trade short-term contracts (will depend on the specific strategy).

What is the strategy for minute binary options is the most effective? To find a method of trading under short-term transaction is feasible, but, in my opinion, we should immediately pay attention to this system:

Optimized martingale full review of the trading system.

This trading method is quite effective and is great to work with BO 1 minute. Strategy is not demanding on the instrumentation platform the trader so that it can be used in terminals of different companies.

Below we briefly describe the principle of operation of the system, but I recommend You to read the full report, which describes in detail all the nuances.

As the price of any asset in the bidding process varies all the time, to talk about a strong unidirectional movements without corrections, is not necessary. This phenomenon has started to use in their work, the traders, have let in trade theory.

The General principle of trade minute binary options is a simple:

• If the transaction merchant is closed with profit, then good, keep working;
• If the transaction is a speculator ends with a loss, he immediately buys a new binary option.

The trick is that the new agreement repeats the previous one, but this time the contract is bought for more money than before.

It turns out that if the second option will close with a profit, we get profit, which is enough to cover the loss of previous trading operations and income.

If the contract will be unprofitable, then immediately bought the third minute option profit which is enough for getting profit, and the costs of the two previous operations.

Trading strategy minute binary options at the same time simple to learn and very effective, what could make for many speculators. Use it should work with assets characterized by high volatility. Good the currency pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

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