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Overview 24BOT - is to work with a trading service
Services of automatic trading in the binary option market is gaining popularity but we have to admit that not all offers untrue promises. When choosing a service you have to pay attention to its reliability and the yield, of course, not believing one only promises.

This time tested 24BOT - service auto copy trades of professional traders on the binary options market.

This service has attracted attention for several reasons:

• officially supported large licensed broker OptiTrade24 (regulated by FMRRC),;
• provides a free trial period of 14 days;
• money access client does not have (for trading account is opened with a broker OptiTrade24), which is good news. - the official website of the service 24BOT.

How the service works 24BOT

The trader on the website of the service 24BOT is registered, which is necessary to gain access to your personal account and opening a trading account with a broker OptiTrade24. To register account you need through the website of the service This is done in order to "copiers" were able to obtain from a broker a fee on customers ' transactions (because they are't just work).
Registration on the website 24BOT
Work with 24BOT:

• account is registered only through the website service and only with the broker OptiTrade24 (company details);
• minimum Deposit is $250;
• free trial period of 14 days;
• monthly subscription - $99 after the trial period.

The principle of operation 24BOT

Service copy trades of best traders broker OptiTrade24 to trading accounts of customers in automatic mode. There is no need to get to work at your trading signals, as the system automatically opens the same operation as the traders whose work is copied.

However, the client can configure 24BOT to fit your needs and account size, which in your account on the service's website are the following variables and switches:

• "Base rate" - set the amount for which will be purchased binary options;
• "The number of simultaneous bets" - how many trades can be open at the same time (it is not seldom that the system is ready to copy several positions in different assets);
• "Enable catch up" mode martingale (on/off) and next is a field for setting the maximum value of an option is enabled when you catch up;
• "Auto mode" - on/off (on/off) work 24BOT.
Custom work 24BOT
Enabling "catch up" will help to cover the loss on the transaction, but requires substantial financial capacity of the Deposit. I think that the balance is below $700-800 this option is better not to use. The minimum trade size broker OptiTrade24 is $25, so that an increase of the bet several times when you turn on "catch up" will probably not please the owners of relatively small accounts.

Trading results 24BOT

Important lot what not to expect, then if you are right on the profitability of any signal or system, you will not be disappointed, but if the results are better than expected, that's a good reason to rejoice. That's what I try to relate to any signals or strategies that test.

At this time the "test" I was pleasantly surprised when I began to draw some preliminary conclusions after two weeks of trading. Let's see what turns out the real statistics of transactions in 24BOT:
Trade statistics for 24bot
Not so bad, I am sure that similar results will be able to demonstrate some of the traders. When you consider that during the auction you can go about their business, ignoring the terminal, decent alternatives work 24BOT not mentioned at all.

Thus, the market already there are other tools with similar capabilities, but they have one serious drawback, which completely negates all the advantages - they are unprofitable for traders. Perhaps with time the market will be a new high-quality services (automated trading, signals, etc.), but so far competitors "bot" look rather pathetic.

The benefit to service

Service auto copy trades is a partner broker OptiTrade24, obviously, because otherwise there would be no opportunity to copy the trades of experienced traders in client accounts.

Earnings 24BOT is based on affiliate payments to broker OptiTrade24 (the company pays for a dedicated customer service agreement) and the payment of subscriptions by customers.
Run the service 24bot
To work with 24BOT quite simply, everything is done so that the service could be used by anyone. We can increase or decrease the number of transactions that are copied to the account, as well as to put value options and choose mode (with or without martingale).

Personally, having worked with 24BOT, I can say that the trading results are quite decent and obviously cost $99 per month, even if you set the minimum trade size ($25). The presence of the trial period also adds credibility and respect for this project.

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