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Platform demo binary trading
Not all binary options brokers offer their clients the opportunity to trade on a demo account. Some companies, like 24option, get the Deposit, but under certain conditions, namely, you must first register a real account and Fund it with at least the minimum amount (in 24option is $200).

Broker 24option is, of course, the name, but whether for the sake of receiving a demo account to exert himself? Today will talk about the more simple variant how to access the demo binary options platform without additional conditions.

This opportunity provides a great international broker Olymp Trade certified by FMRRC. Demo platform from Olympus open for a couple of minutes and does not require any approvals, the conditions and so on. Just fill in all 4 fields:

1. name
2. phone
3. e-mail
4. password

If the name can even specify false, then the e-mail address, be sure to allow this, to which you have access, she will receive a letter with link to confirm registration. Password recommended record, although it needs to be duplicated You in the email.

The possibility of the demo platform

Clicking the link in the email you receive from the broker Olimp trade at registration of a demo account, we enter the personal Cabinet on the company website and is the trading platform. Now you can get to know him better and to say a few words about the differences between trading on demo and real deposits.

No technical differences in platforms, real and demo accounts You will not find everything exactly the same. The same can be said about the choice of binary options that you can buy on both types of accounts. Apparently, the differences may be only psychological, because when you work on demo platform binary options we take no chances and trading in the real world, there is a risk of losing your own money.

On the balance of the demo platform is from $10000 (virtual, of course), which you can use in your trading. Now take a closer look at what is in terminal:

In the upper part of the demo platform for binary options the company Olimp trade are:

• switch assets;
• multiple timeframes;
• switch external videografika.

In the middle and right part of the terminal is a price chart that will reflect the situation of the chosen asset. Here are two interesting buttons: "Technical analysis" and "Indicators". Clicking the second of them, we have access to several technical indicators, but the first of the buttons reveals to us a big price chart that has a lot of tools, settings, etc., but about it later.

In the left part of the screen are settings for binary options:

• the amount of the transaction (cost option)
• time of transaction (when fulfilled contract)
• your income information on the yield of the option chosen asset
• the buttons "above" and "below" to purchase a binary option.

As a demo platform for binary options Trade at the Olymp has all the features of a real account, then we will be available indicators and other technical analysis tools. The whole process of the transaction is the same as in the real world.

In other words, if you do not pay attention to the inscription of the balance sheet, it is possible not to understand what is before us, demo or real. Now a few characteristics of the platform, which can be useful. Of course, one of the main "chips" - opens a large chart with many instruments:

The schedule can be increased up to the size of the screen, which facilitates the analysis of the market. In the demo platform, trading binary options without a cash outlay, you can use the whole range of indicators, levels, timeframe, etc.

Company Olymp Trade has created a wonderful demo platform for binary options trading, making it available and does not differ from terminal real account. Here you can fully train and gain invaluable experience, then to earn real money on Deposit. If suddenly the demo account is lost, you can always open a new page and continue working.

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