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Proven strategy binary scalping
As of the entry will notice that I often trade binary options in the news but so have my colleagues Alexander Popov doing great "advantages" that I could not resist and asked me to teach. Short-term options trading suits me because unlike some of his fellow professionals, I work in the office and can't monitor the terminal constantly.

For classes binary scalping a lot of time is not necessary, and this is a big plus when you often have to be distracted. If you have a few spare minutes, go to the website of the broker in his private office, assess the situation. Everything depends on the market, because if it is good for our trading then buy the option, if not, then wait for the next opportunity to sign into the account.

As a broker for trading I have already chosen uTrader (review of a broker and its bonuses), and the author of the method, which will tell in my own words (about the method), working through 24option (reviews and about a cool bonus). By the way, here published some results of the trade Alexander Popov, the author of the system. And these are my results for the last couple of days, let this little period, but I'm still proud of:

Binary scalping begins

Go to binary scalping, which I continue to learn. To begin to tell about the essence of the method of trade. Work on short-term volatile instruments such as binary options eur/usd or gbp/usd with a small run time. I personally, on the advice of the author, I use only eur/usd with end of contract 60 seconds (tab in uTrader - Turbo options).

Under quiet market means the price movement in the direction with small deviations in both directions, as shown below. If the graph observed long price movement or in General there is a trend, not doing anything!

Waiting for side of the market, we wait for the moment when the price moves one or two movements to the side. No matter it is a deviation up or down if it was sharp and short. The scalper needs to have time to catch a moment to make a deal. Similar cases per day is not enough, so even during the day, several times I have time to catch such moments.

Vital to the rapid implementation of the agreement on the part of the broker. If the figure in Your company is mediocre, then nothing happens, and the cause then You will understand.

I tried to trade in four companies (two in my own account, and two companies have asked colleagues in advance promising to reimburse losses, if any, they will arrange). 24option was the best option, honestly, but I can't trade on the black background and all. Stopped at uTrader, which have previously grown accustomed.

When the price deviates from its horizontal movement, a leap forward, for example, up, then you should buy put option (selling, decrease) with the time of execution after 60 seconds. More likely outcome - a rapid return rates to "normal" flat (lateral movement). This is where we get our profit.

Please note that you need to have time to by a binary option until the price returns to its previous position. For this reason, you need "fast broker", otherwise we will get an option at a price that returned to the market after the jump. Of course, scalping does not guarantee that each of our deal will be profitable, but the overall result, and I've already managed to estimate, is positive.

My experience with binary scalping

Nothing short about five minutes, but not for one minute. Of course, at first I was in a hurry and made a lot of unnecessary action, but, surprisingly, the results began to improve on the second day. Now I have no stability, but have already been trading even did not quite appreciate.

For a short time my scalping in binary options, I already had a few observations:
  • if the market situation is questionable, it is better to wait another opportunity;
  • if the received transaction loss, do not rush to beat the losses, it can only lead to more trouble;
  • it is best to pick only one tool, that would not be distracted by switching between charts;
  • mentally spend a horizontal line through the side of the market (it will help to seek out abnormalities).
I hope my tips will be useful, because the method of trading is very interesting. In addition, I know that my colleague sells so for a long time and the work does not need. Trading on news I'm not leaving, but there are much less trades, because significant market events for the week is 1-3 just for one tool.

In addition, the author withholds nothing, but tells everything in detail here in this review if interested. He has long been involved in binary scalping so it makes sense to learn from him. I hope that my results will be more stable, and what You want.

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