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Review strategies EMA and RSI for binary options market
At the time, I was a big fan of trading in the Forex market, but binary options as a tool of financial trading allow you to get the most out of this class. So I went to the "binaries", but continue to use your "Forex trading strategy.

This system has brought me a lot of profit, but binary options in General shows fantastic results. Meet my trading strategy "EMA + RSI", I think, useful. My personal result is 1500% profit per year.

Description of the strategy "EMA + RSI"

Before considering the rules of the strategy I want to say that trading binary options need to use of brokers with professional services and technological platforms. Thus, You will save yourself from the risk of fraud and will be able to apply in their work indicator strategy that often gives a great result.

My broker importantly, the company offers its own trading platform in which is possible to apply the technical indicators of various types. Also at this terminal there is no slippage when making contracts. The company offers exclusive options market trading terms – option trading you can start with a trading account of $ 10 (there is a program start trading without a Deposit).

For the effective management of capital the broker sets the minimum value of contracts at $1. Such conditions and technical support to enable faster access to stable positive results.

Let's set the indicators system and install them on charts. We will need:

• The MA indicator with the Exponential type and frequency 3;
• The MA indicator with the Exponential type and a frequency of 5;
• The MA indicator with the Exponential type and a frequency of 13;
• Standard with the RSI levels of 30 and 70.

For a comfortable receive signals moving averages are better to paint in different colors. On the chart the strategy pattern looks like this:
Price chart for strategies on EMA and RSI
Thus, we have a combination of indicators that will clearly identify changes in the direction of the market, while insuring each other. Using signals from indicators strategy You can significantly improve the performance of their trades.

Tactics trading allows you to profit at an average pace (not necessary to hurry), which gives the opportunity to think about each trade position.

Tactics trading "EMA + RSI" - trading signals

To purchase a contract Up, you must wait for the signal like this:

• The line of MA indicator (period 3 and 5) crossed the line MA with a higher period 13 up;
• On the indicator the RSI line went out of the oversold zone and indicates an increasing trend.

We got the starting point of a new trend and buy a contract of "Up":
Example of trades strategy EMA and RSI
To place to buy the put option you must wait for signals like this:

• The line of MA indicator (period 3 and 5) crossed the line MA with a big period of 13 down;
• The RSI line out of the overbought zone and is pointing downtrend.

We got the starting point of a new trend and make the contract DOWN:
Binary option Down rules purchase
The definition of the indicator signals does not cause difficulties. I want to note that my strategy is very rarely signals are ambiguous, they are usually clearly expressed and provide accurate predictions on the movement of the market.

Trading tactics of "EMA + RSI" allows you to trade in a fairly wide time range. The best results are obtained when working with expiration of 60 to 300 seconds. However, the strategy can work on options with a fifteen-minute expiry trades. Eventually You will be able to determine for themselves a comfortable and effective range of expiration.

For the strategy used the classic approaches to the calculation of the trading risks. It is possible to trade contracts with a minimum value of, for example, my broker importantly, the company, I have already said, the average is $ 1.

But this is more for beginners or testing of the work of this trade tactics. The best option for increasing the funds on Deposit will be the use of contracts worth 3-5% of capital. So the amount of profit, however, the cost of the contracts will not be able to bring serious losses in the event of loss on the transaction. By the way, here is another working strategy for binary".

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