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Rubicon indicator for Forex. Download Rubicon free.
A large number of settings of the indicator or a trading system opens up new possibilities for the experienced trader, but is not easy job for a beginner. Sometimes you want that software on Forex really helped, but did not enter into a stupor 101 setting.

Indicator Rubicon, which You can download in this review, refers to a category of programs that do not require reconfiguration for different types of assets or timeframe.

Perhaps, such flexibility will alert experienced traders, but it is still about indicator for beginners in Forex, and in this case, simplicity and efficiency are the main distinctive features. Rubicon extremely independent indicator, which is optional to combine with other programs.

Rubicon is set in the normal way in the terminal MetaTrader 4. When placing the program on a chart have three lines, colors which can be changed, which I did, replacing the bright blue line on the green (I prefer to receive the information).
Installed Rubicon Forex
What is the Rubicon indicator download that You could above:

• red - trend line, which can be called primary;
• blue - signal line;
• green - signal line.

The indicator refers to the place the pending order with a horizontal green stripe:
Set aside a warrant for the Rubicon
Optimal conditions for trading:

• timeframe is M5 or M15;
• volatile currency pair (e.g. EUR/USD, GBP/JPY);
• trade with the trend (if the price broke the red line upwards, you put a buy order - a buy limit or buy stop depending on the recommendations of the indicator);
• in the yellow part of the program gives recommended values to set take profit and stop loss;
• volatile (moving) market.

If to speak about the recommendations of the indicator relative to the installation orders, the take profit it is better to take two times greater than stop loss (the system recommends the same values for these orders). Don't forget that Rubikon - a trend indicator, so in periods of market uncertainty (flat) is the probability of getting losses.

You can discard the recommendations of the program and use the system in manual mode. There are various ways of applying Rubicon, but one of the most reliable is to wait for both the signal line crosses the trend line:
Rubicon on the chart
Rubicon Forex is a complete trading system, which is very convenient, because you can combine the indicators also should be able to, and that experience may simply not be a novice trader. However, if you decide to Supplement your trading system a few programs, then I recommend to pay attention to these options:


As for Mani managemnt, we have to stick to the rules risk no more than 5% of the Deposit per trade. As mentioned above, during periods of market uncertainty can happen quick price reversals, which sometimes leads to closing a position by stop. However, during strong trends, the indicator Rubicon will earn pretty decent money.
A chart with an indicator Rubicon
This indicator is characterized by its simplicity and informative content. Rubicon installing MetaTrader 4 on the chart, there is a strong desire to add filters or to immediately throw themselves to combine the program with other indicators. It is perfect for beginners, facilitated by the signals (recommendations) of the program, as well as for the experienced traders who are likely to use this tool as part of the trading system.

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