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Scalp strategy Bollinger bands for binary options
Today I suggest you to try out my new trading system "the Scalp is Bollinger". This strategy is so intuitive and simple that will suit even the novice trader. In six months of use this vehicle has shown excellent results and now feel confident to share it with You. According to the "Scalp Bollinger" profit close on 6, sometimes 7 positions out of 10 are open, which makes this system a great option for trading binary options.

Immediately warn that this vehicle was created taking into account the trading conditions of the company importantly, the company, therefore to speak about its results in deposits of other companies is quite difficult, because other brokers other trading conditions. Why choose importantly, the company broker, I will tell You below in the description of the strategy.

For technical analysis I recommend to use the MetaTrader 4 platform for free which you can download here. When You install MT4 on your PC, you will need to download the template of my TS:

Copy the template file in the "templates" folder that is in the root directory of the MT4 terminal, which is located in the Program Files folder on drive "C" Your computer). Next, restart the platform, go to "Graphics" - "Template" and choose "Scalp Bollinger". After that, Your quotes chart turns into this:
Scalp Bollinger binary options
The conclusion of agreements with the vehicle the Scalp Bollinger

To begin with, You need to place for the convenience of trading on your screen next 2 Windows: platform terminal MT4 and web trading importantly, the company:
The terminal for trading on the Scalp Bollinger
Now comes the fun part – watching the indicators on the chart trading platform MetaTrader 4 and deal-making.

Buy a binary call option when:

• is the fall of quotations of the asset beyond the bottom blue line of the Bollinger Bands indicator;
• see what has fallen below the oversold level of RSI, after which he turned upwards and the line oversold struck in a reverse direction;
• there is a decline of the Stoch indicator is below the oversold level (and after that it turn up and sample them line oversold in the opposite direction).

After the appearance of all these signals is expected when starting a new candle, and make a deal up:
Strategy Bollinger binary market
Buy a binary put option when:

• is the lifting of quotations of the asset beyond the top blue line of the Bollinger Bands indicator;
• see that rose above the overbought level of the RSI, after which he turned down and the overbought line struck in a reverse direction;
• there is the raising of the Stoch indicator is above the overbought level (and then it spread down and sample them line sell in the opposite direction).

After the appearance of all these signals is expected when starting a new candle, and make a deal down:
Examples of transactions on the Scalp strategy Bollinger
The optimal parameters and periods of expiry

The uniqueness of this trading strategy is that it is suitable for almost all types of classic binary options making this system versatile. To trade according to my strategy broker importantly, the company is well suited turbo options, long-term contracts and regular binary options. Therefore, we can consider the option of risk diversification using multiple types of binary options.

The expiration time will always depend on your chosen timeframe for technical analysis is MetaTrader 4. For example, applying a template of specification for the M1 timeframe, it takes time expiry to put in terminal Binamo 300 seconds, and thus to use for trading turbo options.

When you apply to MT4 timeframe M5:
Select the timeframe for the strategy
To trade in this case you need classic binary options, and period of expiration for them to choose platform importantly, the company, somewhere around 30 minutes. When you select M15 timeframe you need to trade regular binary options but the expiry time are already put 2 hours and so on.

If You opt for a trading company importantly, the company – You will always have the opportunity to choose a convenient period before the execution of the contract that will allow you to configure all the trade for themselves.

Trading, do not forget to limit the risks that would happen no more than 5% of the Deposit. The choice for the "Scalp Bollinger" trading Binamo, as well due to the fact that the company has a minimum trading lot size is $1. Given that I open several trades on different options with different expiration time, I never overload my Deposit, but they earn more.

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