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Secrets of the strategy of the Pendulum - a simple and profitable binary options trading
Hello to all fellow traders! With you again Igor Fibo and I am again ready to share recently tested me trading system, which is called "Pendulum". It is characterized by the peculiarity that with this technique you will not only increase your trading profitability, but also will save the agreements that must be closed with a loss.

This method has already gained recognition and beginner traders and "gurus" of trading. Way of trading is quite simple, so learn how to use it will not be difficult.

Features of trading strategy Pendulum

The secret to trading TC "Pendulum" to create the advantages of trading positions that you are aiming in the right direction. It's incredibly easy. The main thing that you were trading with advanced trading platform and they comply with the basic trading rules.

So, from the trading terminal we need:

• Lack of difficulties with visualization of the levels of open transactions at the quoted schedules.
• Instant execution of trading orders with the exception of the possibility of the formation of slippages.

I have tested several trading platforms, but more in line with the above mentioned requirements broker terminal importantly, the company. I am trading, and to change the platform does not intend, as the terminal is equipped with the latest technology.
Fast platform for trading binary options
Checklist for trade in the customs Union "Pendulum":

• Open a currency pair (e.g. "EURUSD") on the trading platform importantly, the company in the allotted time (10:00-16:00 GMT).
• Create a hedge of the two trade positions, putting them at the same time in different directions. It is clear that one of the deals will have to make a profit, and the second to close with a loss. So what's the point? Look no further.
• Quotes begin to move in a certain direction in which we open an additional position, avoiding that the quotes are gone from the hedge at a considerable distance. After the date of expiration (which it is) we go out on the profit for the two agreements, only one remains unprofitable. The total profit on the two positions you have in your pocket, or rather on the Deposit!
• But suddenly, after the first advantage, price will unfold? Nothing to worry about! We just open one more position to generate the desired benefits. Put as many trading positions as you need in order to exit you have had a positive overall result.

Binary options trading system the Pendulum

We don't need to predict the direction of prices – just conclude the position in the right direction, that's all, to make it simple enough.
The pendulum on the binary options market
But still, it is not necessary to lose vigilance, do not be distracted by extraneous stimuli. The price will not wait for you to finish coffee or go brush your teeth, stay focused and success will not leave you. In addition, do not ignore the information that you need advanced terminal, because without a clear visualisation of the transactions and instantly open a trade on this strategy does not make sense.

Also you have to remember that you should trade a minimum lot, do not risk to overload the financial depot opening positions of larger size. And again, the crucial issue is the choice of the trading platform – for example, importantly, the company allows you to open trades from $ 1 that a good idea insures your trading account.
Styles of cost binary options
To not overload the Deposit, it is also necessary to conclude agreements with the establishment of a small expiry time. This option should also be considered when choosing a trading platform for your trading. To work TC "Pendulum" we will have enough time in 60 seconds, as we can thereby prevent the possibility of multiple reversal of quotes.

Marketplace for companies importantly, the company will guarantee insurance several financial risks, and it is a high-tech and speed. For successful trading strategy the Pendulum simply follow the rules described above.

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