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Selection of a brokerage company to trade binary options
To earn trading binary options do really is a proven fact. But it happens that traders, choosing a brokerage company, not making the right choices from what in the trade are getting some losses – which is an indisputable fact.

That's why today we will try to help you choose a brokerage company. The question is really important for people who want to consistently make money in the financial market.

The ideal broker. What should it be?

The broker should have a good block of training. Having made the decision to trade binary options you must understand that this is not just fun and games. As with any kind of financial activity, binary options trading requires special knowledge. Therefore, the first requirement is the availability of free training in the company, and not just some informational text, and in this course the different types of curricula, namely:

• interactive textbooks;
• training videos;
• webinars;
• thematic articles.

Loyal trading conditions

That is, you need to pay attention to the trading conditions of the broker of binary options, namely:

• the minimum Deposit amount no more than $10;
• minimum transaction of not more than $1.

The presence of the broker such minimum conditions for trading will help you, as a beginner trader to avoid large financial losses, because in the initial stages trade you will not be able to work super profitable. In the future, such conditions will help you to properly manage your capital, observing the rules of money management.

Advanced trading platform

Good trading platform this is perhaps the main factor which affects the profitability of the trade. It is logical to think that a professional race car driver always chooses the best car, Koval is the best hammer, and Reaper is the most acute scythe (because the result of their work depends on the tools of their labor), and therefore option broker for best results should choose the best platform for trading.

But that's usually in the options market with this problem. Many brokers offer trading entity of the last century, where profit can only dream about.

And only a few, those who are on the options market offer a real professional trading platform. One of the few importantly, the company is a broker which offers trading platform, designed and assembled the necessary functions for profitable trading, namely:

• big screen prices to forecast future price movement and its future direction;
• linear and candlestick charts;
• the maximum speed of operation – not more than 3 milliseconds without slippage;
• the price - to scroll the charts assets back;
• technical indicators;
• displays open trades on the chart – in order to be able to intervene in the trading results and add to the agreement in the required direction;
• scaling of the price chart with the ability to zoom in and out to determine the senior trends and the direction of the price movement:
We select a broker for binary options
So I can only imagine how the traders from the other brokers on the trading platforms that do not have such advanced functionality.


Besides all the above, you need to make sure that your chosen broker provides:

• a sufficient level of payments (80% of the transaction amount) is necessary for a more efficient and profitable trade;
• most popular systems for input/output of funds is necessary for the convenient withdrawal of profits (it is also necessary to think in advance);
• insightful and analytical unit, which includes technical analysis, market news and investment ideas (for a novice trader professional analyst will be very useful);
• Russian support (in the event of a problem and its solution with the Support of the broker);
• certificate of regulation on the territory of the Russian Federation (this factor determines the security broker to the trader).

Only when you're sure you found the brokerage company meets all the above characteristics, feel free to make a choice in its favor. And if you choose a good broker, you automatically protect yourself from most of the problems of option market, then you will be able to choose for themselves a profitable trading strategy and to earn adequate income.

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