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Simple strategy for binary options trading
Direct relationship between the complexity and efficiency of trading strategies, probably not. How many times have you had to make sure that a simple but well-designed system is much safer and more stable than their "palahnuik" counterparts. Last the market is not the one that the monitor glare.

Next, let's talk about one of the most simple strategies for binary options, which generally makes sense to pay attention. With this system the simplicity and efficiency is matched only strategy on the news, which has already been described earlier.

The basics of easiest binary options strategy

To begin, consider the General concept, within which the entire strategy. The idea is to follow the market during a trend moves. It is known that a market can be in two States, which are the names of flat and trend. Under the flat most often refers to lateral movement of the price without a pronounced dynamics (growth or decline in the market).

Under the trend refers to the long unidirectional displacement rates (up or down). It is believed that trading against the trend is dangerous as the probability of continuation of price movement. In this regard, most of the strategies are designed to work in the direction of the trend.
Trending market a simple strategy
To define the trend you can without any tools, from the graph, but for beginners speculators still recommend to use auxiliary programs, for example the EMA indicator. It is embedded in the trading platform not all brokers, but at the same time a rare "beast" is not (in the review of the indicator you can find information about public companies EMA).

Thanks to EMA, we will assess the market situation in our trading strategies binary options. In the case when the indicator line goes to the right and does not deviate from the horizontal, to a large extent, we are dealing with a flat market. Such a situation can be left on the sidelines, waiting for clearer market movements.
The flat market for trading trend
Binary options which we will buy under this strategy should be aimed solely in the direction of the trend. Naturally, all the opposite direction the signals will be ignored.

A simple strategy in detail

I just want to draw Your attention that before trading you need to choose the asset and time for transactions. The fact that we need a tool with high volatility and will have to identify the time of day when the asset is most often shows the trend movement.

For example, for a start you can use binary options on the EUR/USD currency pair, and as the time use European and American session (preferably from 10-00 to 20-00 Moscow time).

Placed on the chart EUR/USD average exponential line to determine market trends:
Simple strategy for binary market
Notice that the price is rapidly growing and this means that we will continue to consider as options-binary options "above". Waiting for a small correction to the price dropped below the middle line (the candlestick has closed), as illustrated below:
Operations in trade for a simple strategy
Once we see that the market begins to grow again as the purchased binary option in the direction of the trend. The timing for surgery pick up so (depending on the scale, which analyze the market) that the execution time occurred in 5-10 candles. Accordingly, if each candle on a chart will have You for 30 seconds. 10 the candle is 5 minutes.

Thus, when using simple strategy for binary options market, we gain no long-term contracts, and work with transactions 1-10 minutes usually. In principle, the duration of the option will be comfortable for most traders.

Binary scalping - effective system for short-term options.

In the end, I would like to list the main points on which to build a simple strategy work with binary options. First, determine the trend, and if not, then don't make deals. Second, all trades only in the direction of the trend, and purchased options during the market correction. Before the time choose so that the position has been closed through 5-10 of candlesticks, which conducted the analysis.

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