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Simple system of earning on the binary options
Trade binary options it is always a choice about the direction of the market price of the asset. For example, we may decide to work with the gold option, or shares, which is well known us companies, like Samsung and Apple, or to use changes in exchange rates. In any case, our task is to understand whether price rise or fall.

There are quite complex, but quite effective trading strategies, one of which I will mention below, but today we will talk about is not a difficult way of working in the market. There is no simple system of earning on binary options is designed to work the trend. This means that first we look at the price of the chosen asset, and how to proceed, consider the following.

When we see that active price goes down so quickly buy a binary option PUT ("below") with a small runtime. In most cases, the market continues the decline that will bring in a single operation, about 80-85% of the value of the option (interest rate depends on the asset). Just imagine You bought a binary option for $50, and 5-10 minutes later got back $90 (for a fee of 80%).
Trading system for options
Like the terminal? It's from this broker.

What happens if the market will turn against us? Yes, this too can be and in this case we lose the money spent to purchase the option. On the other hand, if trading only with the trend and not to delay the decision, the chances of making a profit is very good.

If you wait a long time for more evidence of a strong price movement, it (the movement) may come to an end and we're going to be late. For this reason, it is important to remember the following:

select those assets which have a long and strong trends, and also, you can use the news release points to increase the likelihood of a strong price movement.

When the news comes, it causes the formation of a new price movement in the market or strengthen an existing trend. In any case, if the market reacts to the news that becomes apparent almost immediately, you should immediately buy a binary option in the direction of the price movement.
Simple system trading binary options
Method is quite easy to master it will be able even beginners, in contrast, for example, binary scalping. This system of binary options on earnings differs as universality, it is possible to engage in work on a variety of trading instruments. It is desirable to select "movable" currency pairs, stocks and gold, but the principle everywhere is the same.

You can trade multiple assets. When there is no clear trend, e.g. gold, you can switch the graph for a currency pair EUR/USD or other asset. If you wish for a day it is possible to conclude several transactions, using 2-5 instruments. This will be enough for good money, when you are used to buy options on this method.

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