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Stock market game for beginners. Where to start gambling?
For gambling no need to go somewhere, to fill in plenty of paperwork and then have to work during the day. Today, there are already quite a few varieties of financial markets to choose the most convenient and the most favorable option.

Everything you need to play on the stock exchange the registration of a trading account via the Internet, so the installation of the trading terminal, through which will be agreements, but not necessary.

Much depends on what specific market You choose to operate. For example, on Forex you can trade at any time of the day, which for many people is very convenient. Of the most popular today I would like to note the following:

• stock market;
• the foreign exchange market (Forex);
• the binary options market.

The first option is the oldest, and therefore most known. First is the stock market traded securities, e.g. stocks, futures on shares and so on. Then came the Forex, where the main assets (instruments that are traded) are the currencies of various countries.

The youngest financial market of these is a platform for trading binary options. A distinctive feature of this variant is the possibility of simultaneous work with different assets:

• shares;
• currency;
• goods;

Perhaps it is the binary options market is the easiest to learn, because there is no need to wait until the price moves a large distance, increasing our income. Binary market are always known when the deal closes. In addition, severely restricted the amount of profit that we will receive, if correctly defined, the price will rise by the time of completion of the transaction or fall.

You can earn not only on the growth of prices for shares, goods and so on, but in the fall, for example, the ruble. On average, in one operation according to the classic binary options pay 75-85% of the cost of the option. Please note that prolonged operation can be from 30 seconds to several months, and we decide when to close the position.

Stock market game - first steps

As mentioned above, to play the stock market you first need to define the market. Whichever option You choose, but will still need to register an account to start trading. This Deposit placed funds, which are used to perform speculative operations.

Here are a few recommendations for brokerage firms:

• Stock market: BCS, Finam.
• Forex: Alpari, AMarkets.
• Binary options: Olymp Trade uTrader.

On the stock market to tell you here will not, because specializers in Forex and binary options. So, if you want to run it on the stock exchange, you should consult other sources.

The minimum amount that you need to trade depends on the company. And Alpari and AMarkets you can make trades even if You Deposit only a few dollars (or rubles 100-200 at least). There are organizations to get started with which requires $300-1000 dollars, but do not think that they are superior to colleagues with more affordable bills with some important parameters.

If we talk about binary options, with Olymp Trade you can start working from $10 (has deposits in rubles), and in uTrader $200 (or in rubles at the official rate). Registration of accounts to game the exchange happens very quickly, usually not more than 5-10 minutes. Can I Deposit and withdraw profit as possible from home.

How to earn at stock exchanges

Earnings will have to try. It is about what you need to learn how to predict the development of events, anticipating the direction of stock prices. Forex and binary options can be as on the growth rate of the asset and its fall, allowing you to profit in any market (rising or falling).

But how do you know where will move the price? To profitable trades was a lot more than losing, you need to use trading strategy.

Options strategies for Forex:

• Strategy Pipsing
• Strategy of long-term agreements

Options strategies for binary options:

Binary scalping
• Binary options 15 minutes

Don't try to get in its work on the exchange from all losing trades, which is impossible. It is sufficient that the profit is more than losses this is already enough for certain earnings. To play the stock market beginners need trading strategy, otherwise we will have very difficult.

Financial markets each year, and this means that more and more people look at trading as a hobby, as a job that brings good money. Beginners on the stock exchange is not always easy, but effort spent on training, as a rule, come true.

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