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Strategy Grail of binary options market
It is no secret the fact that every newbie tries to find grialou" system that makes a profit in every transaction, but rarely think about what actually is meant by the Holy Grail to binary options trading.

Initially, this name was generally comic, as the speculators rush for the break-even algorithm resembled the countless attempts of the crusaders, archaeologists and adventurers to find the sacred Cup from which Jesus drank at the last supper. It is known that this vessel was not found, so traders began to call something extremely profitable system the rules of which all strive to learn to subjugate the market.

Later Grail binary options became known as the strategy generating a regular income and does not require the trader psychic overload. One such system involves the conclusion of transactions in the opposite direction of strong price spikes:

a Description of the strategy Grail of binary options market

I think the idea if the asset is much more expensive, should buy options at lower prices, and in the opposite case when the price of the trading instrument has fallen considerably, it's time to work with contracts of the type "Above".

The question arises how to identify such a state? Strategy Grail of binary options allows them to solve this problem two auxiliary tools, the first of which is called the "oblique line":

Line on the chart for the strategy Grail

In order to build it, you must wait for the formation of directional movement. If you look closely at the structure of any trend, we can see how the price is most of the time is about mid-range oscillations, i.e. in each moment of time it tends to the equilibrium point.

Accordingly, the farther the price deviates from this point, the more "centripetal force", so the trader can only wait for the completion of the pulse, then it is possible to buy binary options strategy Holy Grail.

Agreements with Greeley strategy

A similar approach used by the experienced traders are familiar with the specifics of the chosen asset because the ability to distinguish between strong impulses from tolerance comes with experience.

For beginners, I recommend to use a moving average and the stochastic oscillator, so, for example, looks like the template grealey strategy for binary options in the terminal of one of the best brokers 24option:

Connecting the indicator to the Holy Grail

Moving Average in this case is used as a filter, which confirms the trend, and using stochastics defines specific entry points, in particular:

• the option "High" is acquired from the border oversold;
• contract "Below" is from the border of the overbought.

Compound Grail of strategy and indicators

In contrast to the previous approach to identification of the deviations, in this case, all the work of the trader do indicators, but for automation you have to pay a small delay signals. In part, this is why many traders eventually abandon the formulas and begin to rely on their own experience.

As for the expiration dates set forth in the strategy Grail of binary options, here traders are able to experiment, but best of all, this approach works turbo contracts. The fact that short period, the chances of catching a pullback after a pulse is much higher than on higher timeframes.

This is due to the fact that in the long and medium term on the price of assets have a significant impact on the decision of the major market players to understand which is difficult not only for beginners but most experienced traders. Small time frames chaotic nervous movements appear much more often, and this is just what we need.

A proven strategy for turbo options trading - I recommend this trading system.

By the way, the market volatility increases significantly during important news releases, so traders often use the Grail as a strategy for binary options is at the time of the publication of macroeconomic statistics.

Data chart binary options

Another advantage of this technique lies in portability, since it does not require installation of special indicators traders can make transactions through the web terminal on any computer, be it your home PC or work laptop.

A few additional recommendations

Novice speculators often asked to recommend trading assets on which strategy Grail binary options best combined. My observations show that good results can be obtained with the purchase contracts, shares of leading companies, as their prices fluctuate considerably.

Used the Grail to binary options trading

If the broker pays for the stock low fee, it is possible to work with currency pairs, especially in this regard, interesting courses GBPUSD and AUDUSD. As for EURUSD, it to trade options more difficult as the Euro in recent years is exposed to macroeconomic risks, but if to speculate within the same trading session, then this factor can be neglected.

The main thing to remember is that a strategy Grail of binary options it is better to learn on a trial account where you can practice and develop their own approach to the study of the market. It is advisable to try their hand and test it strategy on a demo deposits and only then proceed to trade real money.

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