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Strategy news for binary options
News traders used to trade in various financial markets. This is probably the most versatile way of earning money, which can be found on Forex, stock market, binary options and so on. However, each marketplace has its own distinctive features that need to be considered.

In this review You will get acquainted with strategy news for binary options. The method is very simple and well suited even for traders only recently started to work in the financial market.

This strategy is based on breaking news can be used to trade through any broker (unless the company prohibits trading on the news, but these are very rare). No specific tools is not required, but sufficient to draw attention to the economic calendar.

The calendar identifies several important economic developments of various countries. There you can find not only the name and date for it, but also assess the importance of each event using a bull's head. Their number can vary from one to three, when we see 3, then it is very important for the financial market event that can change the market situation.

Strategy news for binary options - how to trade

Experienced traders who are well-versed in a variety of economic events that independently make the decision on what news to use and which are not. If You have not yet figured out the degree of influence of this or that information on the market, I recommend to pay attention only to events noted in the calendar three heads.

Later, you can enter exceptions in both directions, adding to its work the news with two heads, and just throwing some dates marked with three bulls. Still, the assessment of the subjective importance of the event, do not forget about it.

Directly on Monday to review the economic calendar in search of the most important news of the week. More is required of us to log in to your trading terminal (how to get a binary option account) shortly before the news that to prepare for the trade. Open chart of the currency pair waiting for the release of important economic information:

Do not try to guess where it will move the price, better to wait until the market direction becomes apparent. As a rule, when important news price quickly moves up or down and corrected, but not immediately. Exactly for what would not guess whether the market to fall or rise, we need to wait for feedback.

For example, after the announcement of economic data the price of the asset went up sharply, as shown in the illustration above. As soon as we noticed this situation, we have to buy a binary option for the next plan:

• the direction of the market movement (in this case, up);
• lead time 10-15 minutes;
• the value of the option should not exceed 10-15% of the size of the Deposit (it is desirable that less than 10% of the amount in the account).

The last point is important, because greater risk increases the probability to leave the market, if a contract will be signed some bad deals. At this point, special attention should be paid to the beginners, who only took up binary options trading strategy with the news.

10-15 minutes is enough that the price got away from point of agreement is needed for us. Take to trade a longer period is not necessary, as the probability of correction of market prices in the opposite direction. Sometimes the market wins back a part of lost positions through a half hour, sometimes later, but 10-15 minutes almost always is a trader for making money on the news.

A smaller time interval is also not necessary, as it can degrade the performance of trading. This is due to the fact that price is not always linearly moves, for example, up after the appearance of important information. It is not seldom that the market is changing rapidly, for example, 30-90 seconds, during which may leak our short-term option that will bring losses. Not to get into such a situation, you can purchase the options with the execution time of 10-15 minutes.

As important news in the week, as a rule, not very much, use all possible economic developments for their strategy on the news in the binary options market. For example, today You have a calendar event for the Euro, but tomorrow the pound sterling. No one bothers to work with different assets that will increase the number of operations per unit time.

Strategy binary options news belongs to the category of simple methods of trading, so it is possible to learn in the first place, after coming to the market. Economic calendar available to everyone, and the data in it is constantly updated. You can always know in advance when and what trading tools are expected news, as well as to assess their importance by looking at the corresponding indication.

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