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Strategy of earnings on IQ Option
Range of brokers in the binary options market is now very broad, but it should be recognized that in many organizations the real counterparts, in terms of functionality and trading conditions. In addition to different sites much of a difference is not even noticeable in most cases.

However, there are exceptions, and, from the category of very affordable companies. Next will detail the features of the broker IQ Option and talk about way of earning money in this organization, which is difficult to use in most other companies.

First about the features of the broker through which it was decided to write a review of the strategy of earnings on IQ Option:

• account from $10, options from $1;
• licenses CySEC FMRRC;
• available to trade on weekends;
• private trading platform, indicators and other tools;
• withdrawal up to 3 business days (this strictly - always in time).

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Special opportunities for earnings in IQ Option

Very important is the ability to make deals for $1 that allows you to use one very popular in the financial markets way of trading. The essence of the earnings on IQ Option is that we are first in the trend of the purchased binary option a minimal cost ($1). If the position is closed with profit, then we again expect trend movement and repeat the operation.

If an option closes at a loss (we lose $1, which bought a binary option), we should immediately purchase a new contract aimed in the same direction as the previous operation (if it was purchased the option above, then the second transaction will also "above").

There are a few important points:

• the cost of the second transaction should be such that its successful completion profit enough to cover the previous losses ($1) and receive profit;
• time of expiration, all transactions should be roughly the same;
• it is advisable to choose the asset with high remuneration (in percentage)

What if the second transaction were unprofitable? All further actions are performed in the same key again immediately purchased the option, pointed in the same direction as the previous one. Expiration time, as mentioned above, remains the same, but the value of the option should be such that would cover all losses in the past and stay in profit. Here is an example for return on asset of 85%:

• first deal for $1 (for example, closed at a loss);
• the second agreement for $2 (if closed with a profit of $2*0,85=USD 1.7 - covered the loss and got profit);
• if the second transaction were unprofitable, then the third option for $4 ($4*0,85=$3,4) etc.

In the third operation, the price of a binary option you can select a different one, not $4 as above, then the profit will be more substantial, but if this operation will be unprofitable, then the next contract will have to do even more expensive.

The idea of earning IQ Option

The whole idea is to ensure that the market is not moving linearly in one direction without setbacks. All the time there are fluctuations, this means that if we do not correctly identified the direction of price movement, you can try to continue to buy options in the same direction.

The nearest market correction will bring us profit in the next transaction profit which is enough to cover previous losses and bring the money to the trader.

Look at the price charts, You will see that the market is constantly oscillates, but they will help us make money in the market. This approach to trading is very popular on other financial markets. The illustration above shows a situation where a few trades were closed with losses, but the market is still adjusted downward and that was enough to make a profit to close the "fat" binary option.

Why such trading is suitable for work with IQ Option? Because this company has the opportunity to buy options from $1, which is very important, because each subsequent transaction in a series of operations requires much larger amounts of money than the previous options. Most other major licensed companies offer contracts from $5 or even $10.

Just for example, two identical situation when each of the following binary option more expensive than the previous 2 times:

1. $1, $2, $4, $8, $16
2. $5, $10, $20, $40, $80

In the first case to convert 5 transactions in a series is enough to have on Deposit $31. In the second case, when the cost of the first option $5, you will need a Deposit of $155.

This strategy is earn from IQ Option becomes available to traders, which are not even very large deposits. Please note that a doubling of the cost of each subsequent binary option in the series was taken for example. In fact, the cost of each of the following operations should be calculated in advance, taking into account remuneration percentage of the asset that was chosen for the job.

♦ guide broker IQ Option.

The timeframe in this case is not important, but I still recommend to choose the options with expiration period of 5 minutes. In my opinion, this is the most convenient time interval for earnings in IQ Option for the proposed strategy. As an asset for starters, you can take EURUSD.

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