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Tactics binary options trading
Chaotic transactions in any of the financial markets does not lead to anything good. For successful trading speculator requires a systematic approach that allows for the analysis of the current situation in advance of a proven method.

You can meet different, but the tactics of trading binary options not so much. One of the most reliable is the trading in the trend direction. In other words, transactions are only in the direction of market prices (when the exchange rate rises or falls quickly, and does not fluctuate in a narrow range of values).

If you open a chart for any binary option (stocks, currencies, and so on), we note that the market price is constantly moving to one side. When the value of the asset is reduced or raised for a long time, it is customary to say that the market is trending. If the price is moving sideways, it's a flat market and it doesn't suit us.

Please note that most of the trading systems that do make a profit, operate in the direction of the trend. As examples of these quality options:
  • Trade 60 seconds
  • 15 minute binary options
  • Scalping binary close to trade 60 seconds

How to determine the state of the market, that would not begin to trade in the flat? To answer this question, we turn to the chart one of binary options.
Binary options trade tactics
Like the terminal in the illustration above? Such is the platform from this broker (account from $200).

The image above shows that the market is gradually reduced. For the convenience of using the top point to hold a straight line and through the bottom of another line. Not necessarily that the line was strictly through local maxima and minima, because it is necessary only for clarity.

We see that both lines are directed downwards, and that's saying a downtrend. If we were to see on the chart about this situation, as shown below, it is better to refrain from trading.
Tactics options trading - breaching tactics
At the moment (picture above) the market has no clear trend, so our tactics options trading is powerless here. If the market see a very controversial situation, it is best to refrain from conclusion of the agreement. The ability to wait for the right moment is an important quality for a jobber.

The tactics of the trade - taking into account various factors

Defining the market condition, we can use a particular trading system. In the framework of the speculator follows the rules of purchasing binary options, and can take into account additional factors that are specific.

For example, if you trade in strategies 60 seconds the option invest only in the direction of market trends with a sharp rebound of prices. The same subtlety is, perhaps, each of the strategies, but there are factors that have to be taken into account constantly.

It is, for example, on the news, which every trader has to be considered. About important for market information you can know in advance, acquainted with the economic calendar. It publishes the schedule of meetings, meetings, moments of the announcement of certain information, which can react with the financial markets.
Calendar for binary market
The release of important news can cause market fracture trends that will affect the deal, which has already concluded. In such circumstances, it was reasonable to do one of the following ways:

• in time to see the schedule of events and to buy these binary options, expiry which is already for the date and time of the news (i.e., not worth buying a contract at 12: 00 with the run time at 14: 00, if 13-00 expected important news);
• wait for the announcement of important data, to see where it will move the market after taking into account new information and then buy an option (You can read all the details of this strategy, following the link in the beginning of the article - 15 minute binary options).

News trading is also a tactic of binary options trading, only in this case the attention is not taken, the market position it was in before the news. The information the event as it nullifies everything that came before, and the speculator only takes into account the current direction of price movement.

However, the market may not react to the news, but in this case the speculator does not just acquires a binary option, and waiting for the next news, which is in its economic calendar.

Tactics binary options most experienced speculators is to determine the trend and work only in his direction. There can be different ways to determine trend, there may be different conditions for the acquisition of the option, but the General tactic remains the same - does not work on the market when flat, and if there is a trend, then buy contracts only in its direction. This is already enough, what would the majority of trades to close with profit. All other details will depend solely on the choice of the trading system.

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