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The binary options trader. How do I trade options successful traders?
So how more clearly I can not call a professional in the binary options market, then at some point decided to pay attention to the trade professionals that have already obtained. In my opinion, it is more efficient to use someone else's experience and knowledge, than trying to "reinvent the wheel", especially that there is the opportunity to observe trading by experienced speculators.

Different trading systems in a network for binary options - "the car and small truck", but would be more of them at least some sense! Not all successful binary options traders in a hurry to share their secrets, but if you can find such a person, then it is really a great success.

Today, let's see what ways to trade successful binary options traders, especially because "my side" are just two of the specialist, or rather, one real good, and another quite close. He is also trying and trying, there is even a success, but there is no stability, which is a pity.

Successful traders of the binary options market

The situation was such that, when looking for a real experienced traders who work with options, there were only people wanting to sell something, for example, your course. Even though they call themselves successful, experienced, almost a guru, but on closer examination turn out to be regular losers. But with this problem I had to face when I decided to see "the other trade".

Just in the process of searching for such professionals I met with Alexander Petrov, whose website later was invited to conduct a rubric of binary options. People are not shy to show their trading results, but what is more valuable - tells you in detail how sells and earns. By the way, one of my friends (he studied not for money but just for the articles Alexander!) nick Bonbon has also become a pretty good deal, after which it thought, and I...
  • As Popov
  • The publication of pupil Alexander Popov (Bonbon)
  • The results of Alexander (promises soon to make a new success, says trades not for $50 for the option, but for $100-120)
So, returning to my quest traders of the binary options market, you will notice that could eventually find just two people consistently earn in the market a lot of money. One of the speculators, as You know, was Alexander Popov, the second person's name will not be called, he asked not "to Shine" it, because money likes silence (in his opinion).

More interestingly, how exactly trading these people? Popov trades on the 60 seconds options and the other expert is using news that can be found in any economic calendar. Other ways, according to the results of my personal searches, one does not get rich, so keep in mind. All sorts of indicator of the system while the test gave the same results as if you trade at random.

The view as a binary options trader

My personal opinion, or do you need to wait for the release of important news, or to engage in short-term trade. With news, everything is clear - see the time of the event, waiting for this moment, look where rushed price open in the same direction. In principle, for beginners this is the best option for trade, yet the process of learning more complex and productive ways.

Scalping, which deals with Alexander Popov, a little harder, I'm his master and I can say that it does not, perhaps, directly from the first day to have good profit. However, once you start, as once you understand that this is a promising technique, moreover, when you see real results colleagues.

As I said earlier, I'm not so long working with options trading, more Forex interested me. But I can now say that trading in binary market is a very promising thing, I have something to compare. It has already identified important points for earnings:
  • a good trading system;
  • trading skills;
  • trade using a proven business.
With the first point seems to be the order of materials Popov puts free and nothing to hide. Skill - a matter of time, effort, patience, then, as they say, is in process now. With regard to proven companies, I personally just took advantage of the experience of Popov and Binibona (by the way, they work through different brokers through 24option if Popov, Binbin direct "mount" for uTrader).

This is the opinion of the trader about binary options. Perhaps I can give some advice, as someone who worked for several years on Forex, but now are seriously interested and binary options. Do not trade at random, use the experience of colleagues and proven systems, listen to their advice but only those people who really understand the issues.

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