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The Bluebird strategy to work with binary options
In many Western European thematic forums this trading system has gained popularity in record time. She was named "Bluebird" ("Blue bird"), perhaps for the reason that this trading strategy gives traders a chance to achieve their cherished dreams about huge earnings and could be the reason in blue hues that are used in the design of this system.

But the fact that this methodology has sparked the interest of traders is not questioned, and why this happened, we will try to find out in this publication.

How is trading on the strategy of "Bluebird"

For trading on the "Bluebird" we will use technical indicators, which will be formed the same trading signals that will point us in the direction to open a trading position in binary options. With the help of auxiliary service live graphs "tradingview" we model for the strategy pattern, which will open the main page

It will be entered into the search box the name of the asset which will receive the signals, and where we are going to open trades in the binary options market. As an example of an asset we took the currency pair GBPUSD:

Select tools to trade with Bluebird

On the unwrapped in front of you quotes graphics asset GBPUSD timeframe you choose "1 minute", which is needed in order to obtain the necessary trading signals:

Timeframe when trading on Bluebird

Now go to the tab "Indiсators" and select both Alligators Williams-indicator – they will give us trading signals:

Optimal indicators for the strategy

But still, we need True Strength Indiсator, you will find it in the same section:

Set to True Strength Indiсator on the price chart

You have the ability to change the color of a graphical interface on a blue setting indicators to the system of "Bluebird" ("Blue bird") actually turned blue. The finished template will look as shown in the illustration:

The corresponding pattern for Bluebird

Which company is more suitable to work with "Bluebird"

To trading system "Bluebird" was most effective, we need such a brokerage company in the terminal which we:

• will be able to open trades, avoiding slippage;
• will be able to trade on the very large graphic screen;
• be sure that the quotes provided by reliable and proven supplier;
• will have access to modern software to trade binary options;
• get the opportunity to conclude transactions in small amounts.

Based on the above requirements, for works on the technique of "Bluebird" we have given preference to other broker importantly, the company, the speed of opening trades which is 1.7 milliseconds (that's a record in the options market). In addition, the liquidity of this broker comes by Thomson Reuters (in the options market, this provider known for its reliability and accuracy of quotes).

Minimum denomination of Bonomo is only $1. A widescreen display for graphics and a huge number of other "bonuses" to transfer that this article makes no sense:

Interpretation of trading signals system "Bluebird"

Open graph mounted with a Williams Alligators and True Strength Indiсator in order to receive trading signals.

Conditions for the conclusion of transactions Up:

reversal in the upper direction Alligators Williams-indicator (the lower line intersects with the adjacent Central line);
• True Strength Indiсator turns up (the signal lines intersect in the upper direction to each other);
• so, you recorded on the chart both of the above signal, and now urgently go to the marketplace and importantly, the company make a deal Up binary option:

How to act in the terminal

Trading signals "Down":

reversal in the lower direction Alligators Williams-indicator (the topmost line is crossed down from the nearby Central line);
• True Strength Indiсator turns down (signal lines overlap in the bottom direction);
• if you recorded on the chart both of the above signal, then immediately go to the marketplace and importantly, the company bargain Down binary option:

How to enter into an agreement with Bluebird

The results of testing a trading strategy "Blue bird" we can say that the system did not disappoint. The signals received from the vehicle "Bluebird", was produced the 6-7 profitable closing trading positions out of every ten trades in the market. This is a good performance for a trading strategy gives the trader the opportunity to increase its Deposit account. The increase in Deposit accounts in 1 day trading when trading by this strategy may be 3-5%. Imagine how much money you can get, having mastered this system.

Two good trading systems for binary options:

• Vigor Index
• MA and MACD

Trading by the method of "Bluebird", use standard trading options importantly, the company installing them on aspirazionny a period of 5 minutes, No more than 2% of the Deposit you should use when you trade binary options on the specified method. As you remember, the terminal broker importantly, the company's minimum trading lot is equal to $1, then that rule will be easy.

With this minimal trade size you can start with a Deposit of $50. It is a small amount for trading in the financial market, but for big money, of course, capital must be 1-2 orders of magnitude more.

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