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The EA on Forex with pending orders
Why do we need counselors, using pending orders? It would seem, does it matter which way the Forex robot will make deals? Actually - no, and the difference will be in the proper execution of trading operations.

Struggle with requotes is happening not only in the process of trading hands, but also in automated trading. If the robot will try, for example, to conclude an agreement during periods of increased volatility in the market, you can open the position at such a reasonable price as planned.

Forex advisors on pending orders is one way of protection from all sorts of market troubles, for example, requotes. At the same time, the algorithm of the trading system may require the same distance between adjacent orders in points, which is achieved very simply, if you use market execution.

Advisor Loker on pending orders with the trading results.
Pending orders in the EA
The above is a link to one of the advisers, who in his work uses the principle of delayed orders. However, Loker is still different from the vast majority of robots that earns money, and spends the capital of the trader, but that's another story.

The difference of transactions for pending orders and market

The Advisor implements the principle of placing pending orders that the market, like advance take note of the intention automatic system to make a deal at a certain price. If you try to open a market position, we will periodically be in situations where price quickly "jumps", which may not be a counter order at the price we wanted. As a rule, a vivid example of getting the period right after the release of important news.
Pending orders in automatic systems
In EA on the Forex sometimes implement mechanisms to combat slippage, but still, these methods also lead to the conclusion of agreements with less favorable prices. Of course, not all algorithms can be implemented for trade entry or exit trades with orders. However, if there is such a possibility, it is desirable to use it.

Imagine, even if the EA is due to slippage rates to open (actually, lose) 1 point less profitable than inherent in the algorithm, at least half of transactions, within a few months of trading will be very good value. Even the robot for the quarter amounted to 400 agreements, 200 of which received less profit of 200 pips (total). It turns out even a decent "chunk".

In conclusion - use advisors, is constructed in such a way that they could protect themselves from requotes and slippage to be ready for a possible server shutdown or loss of Internet connection. All of these mechanisms will allow to get out of unexpected situations with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience, and just help to increase the efficiency of the entire system.

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