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The glass on the Forex demand has spawned a parody
Cup on the financial markets is called space, where you can view all orders for the purchase and sale of an asset at different market prices. In other words, the opening quotes, we see that the current market price, for example, 1.2110, 1.2111 at a price are for sale a total of $3.3 million, 1.2112, say, $4 million and so on.

The same information is available and for prices below the current market value, that is, 1.2099, 1.2098 and so on (only here will the application of a different color, because they buy). Because prices above and below current market values, visually it all piling up like a normal glass.

What Forex glass? For short-term trading is very useful to know what the volume of demand lie ahead.

Imagine the situation that you need to buy the asset at market price and hold it for 5-10 points. Look in the quotes and you'll see that if you do so, as they say, "fall", and why?
Market depth
Because literally 2-3 points from the current price is a huge amount at times exceeds the average values, which sit on neighboring prices. The probability that with the growth of the market by 2-3 points buyers will be able to "stretch" the entire amount of the seller - not large, but it means that there may occur a price reversal down.

Market depth in Forex

The demand is known, creates supply, and that foreign exchange market was no exception. The fact that market depth is very actively used in the stock market, perhaps especially among scalpers who trade futures. Naturally, there were people, moreover, not a few, who wanted something similar for Forex. But how to implement this idea, because for glass in the Forex market need information about the volumes online.

As you know, Forex is a market, and international market, combining shopping sites from around the world. He works around the clock due to the fact that the markets of some countries are closed for the night, but at this time work sites in different time zones and so on. So, the Union of the volumes of the different markets gives the highest liquidity in the world, but does not assess the volumes of all sites online.

But what about the poor brokers because "people require"? People want to trade in the Forex trading Cup, so they need to give. In MetaTrader 4, which still remains probably the most popular trading platform in Forex even with the release of a few years ago, were not even implemented the ability to "look into the glass". At the same time, MetaTrader 5 this feature is there, but is there any sense of it?
MT5 and quotes
Now glasses on Forex

Consider the most popular options that are currently used for "content Forex glass":

• data from "bulldozer";
• information on applications within the brokerage company through which we sell;
• transfer of information online from the U.S. market.

Implement the first option - it's not tricky, and will display the real market price, will change the volume (perhaps randomly) and look all become very Mature. The latter is honestly affected companies, but in most cases is demonstrated even in the form of glass, and is a regular slider, to see who are more buyers or sellers.

The third option is the most difficult, because to export this information in MetaTrader is not easy. And the most interesting, even if you implement this option, it is still not the market depth on Forex, and just the flow of requests from one of the markets, albeit very large.

The conclusion is very simple - if you want to trade on the financial market using market depth, it is better to work on Forex and on the same stock market. Within the exchange costs nothing to watch the volumes and their positions in the market prices. Attempts to adapt the shape of the glass on Forex more like a desire to disperse your Lada looking at Ferrari to 100 km/h in 4 seconds.

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