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The most accurate indicators of the binary options market
It is clear that the trading strategy plays a crucial role in whether Your trading activities effective? But an equally important factor affecting the profitability of trade is accurate indicators for binary options used in the selected system.

In today's article I will talk about which indicators are the most accurate on the market of binary options. It will help in choosing strategies in the study of their composition.

How to determine the most accurate indicator for binary options

You've probably observed time and again that brokers offer their clients to trade binarni primitive types of terminals equipped only with the microscopic window for the quoted schedules, in which nothing is visible and then press "Down" and "Up". They are no longer nothing.

Your trading turns into a normal lottery, and bankruptcy in such cases is coming very soon, as even the theory of probability it turns out that the trading result must eventually be negative. The other way is not the case, so we urge You to engage in trading in such terminals, which include indicators and other trading software, significantly increases the efficiency of trading activities.

On the other hand, if You use third-party services, inevitably some lag in the quotes between the platform and the service, even to go from one window to another – takes time.

For this reason, choose a brokerage company in the terminal which will be possible to apply the technical indicators at once. Then You will be able to:

• create your own trading strategy and apply accurate indicators for binary options directly with quotations of the trading terminal;
• conduct the quotation on the history of testing the trading system;
• to conduct similar testing on a demo account.

In order to be able to call your trade professional will need to start a professional trading platform. It is necessary that she should possess the necessary set of trading software, and that it was provided for the use of technical indicators.

Similar terminals on the market, but one of the best options platforms this type of is a broker trading platform importantly, the company, except where technical indicators includes the following options:

• charts in candlestick form;
• levels of transactions reflected on the chart.
• the opportunity to trade without dead zone - mode "Non-stop";
• instant execution of trading orders – no loss of points;
• huge screen for the quoted schedules.

To trade on this platform binary options – it is a pleasure and this is no joke. With the right approach and compliance with the basic trading rules – You can significantly increase your chances of success in trading.

In the trading platform importantly, the company will be at Your disposal the most accurate indicators for binary options:

• Moving Average – indicates average of the asset prices to further define the movement of the price.
• Waves Bollinger – held for trading in the channel, the algorithm shows high deviations from the mean price value.
• Alligator – a tool of a series of indicators by bill Williams most precise way determines the smallest price fluctuations.

In addition, if the trader will be themselves to change the settings of indicators and combine them together, it can create many interesting and working trading systems.

Example of the application of the trading instrument alligator:

Example of the application of the trading instrument Wave Bollinger:

Scalp Bollinger trading strategy for short term options.

An example of joint use of trading tools and Bollinger Moving Average:

As You can see, there is nothing difficult, trade profitable, it allows you to work and earn binary options instead of playing the lottery, where you have no chance. The idea is that precision for binary indicators and trading techniques that are created from their application, this is the only way through which all traders to receive a stable income.

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