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The most accurate indicators scalping
Scalping strategies considered to be the most profitable in all markets, although personally I trade intra-day for another reason – it is easier for me to catch small movements, which are the result of past actions of market participants.

But today I wanted to talk about tracking down so-called "large speculators" (a very popular strategy), and accurate indicators of scalping, greatly simplify the decision-making process.

Critics intraday trading often ask: "what's the difference in what timeframe to use the indicator, if the formula always the same? Why not to calculate its value on large timeframes, while spending less time and effort?

It is not in the formula, and the price movement intra-day quotes for virtually all assets carry a lot of hesitation in close proximity to the trend line, while on the higher timeframes the price often moves without kickbacks.

Timeframe in comparison with scalping

This is partly why many indicators on H4 and D1 show the unsatisfactory results – the oscillator sticks, moving averages are very late, etc.

Accurate indicators scalping from the standard set

If we consider a simple minute candlestick chart, that shows good results is familiar to many traders the CCI calculated for 15 minutes.

Accurate scalping indicators

In this case, the trades are in the direction of the prevailing trend from the extreme borders of the indicator:

Sell level 100;
Buy from the -100 level.

Profit, it is not difficult to guess what is recorded upon reaching the opposite boundary.

Accurate indicator scalpers

Incidentally, many accurate indicators scalping initially created for entirely different purposes, and CCI is a Prime example, because it was designed to assess trends in the commodity market when day trading was only possible on certain futures and most liquid stocks.

Why is the CCI indicator has become one of the most efficient algorithms on the market today? The answer to this question can be found in the overview of this algorithm.

As for the scalping custom indicators, I'm not sure that there is an algorithm capable of becoming a practically ready trading strategy. Pages already repeatedly considered a good intraday trading system, but most of them use a whole range of indicators.

As example, recently reviewed the FX strategy Engine capable of generating intraday signals. A key element of this system is a Golden a varitey indicator, which is also built on standard formulas. It turns out that everything is already invented, we can only choose the right options and optimize stop-losses.

Accurate indicators scalping created in our days

However, that was with what to compare classics, give a couple of examples of non-standard algorithms, and the first of them is Fisher_11.

Scalping stochastics on Forex

I assume that many readers of "Fisher" are already familiar, since at the time the first version of this indicator made a lot of noise in the network – at first he was presented as the Grail, and then opened up "redrawing" of history was such a thing. But in version Fisher_11 this disadvantage is eliminated, so now it can be safely used even on minute charts.

Like all accurate indicators scalping from the standard set, "Fisher" may be used or in combination with other indicators (filter), or by itself in the role of the signaling module. Proponents of the second approach was divided into two camps:

Some people buy and sell a currency pair from the extreme boundaries of the histogram (as in the case of CCI);
Other open positions in the direction crossing the zero line.

The accuracy of indicators scalpers

The first tactic is effective in that case, if Fisher_11 is calculated over a long period, and the second method is effective in studying small time intervals.

And another relatively accurate indicator for scalping so called WA Scalping. To be honest, he looks unremarkable, because such histograms created hundreds. Users have expressed interest for another reason – its authors are the Arabs that do not meet often, because many developments are created, or our compatriots, or colleagues in the West and in Asia.

Accurate Forex turkeys

And that was a pleasant surprise, WA Scalping after tests showed good results. In this case, it is recommended to trade according to these rules:

after the appearance of the red bar sell-profit fix when the green bar;
in long work the reverse conditions.

Some scalpers do not expect a reverse signal to close the position and use fixed take profits, calculated based on the volatility of the trading instrument.

Speaking of scalpers (I almost digressed), in order for signals WA Scalping can be applied within the day, recommend it to count in 15 minutes, that is, set on minute chart and IPeriod field to set the value "15".

As a small summary for today's topic let me give one piece of advice – accurate indicators scalping can benefit only when adequate capital management, as the goal of a scalper is to pinch off from the market gradually, but constantly, and not roll around "all" just like in a casino.

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