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The relevance of open trade in Forex
What is the ultimate goal of most traders? I mean, what are the actions of currency speculators in the Forex before the completion of the operation? Probably, the question seems rhetorical, it's obvious that we should conclude an agreement and to place the order.

A very popular point of view that the transaction should be immutable, that is, after the position opening the trader does not need anything to change it.

There are more loyal to change the traders that use the tools of transaction support, as a rule, working with position and stop loss or akirayuki orders.

Quite a few speculators, who think more flexibly and take into account events and developments affecting the market occur after the conclusion of the agreement.

On some webinars I give an example of the relevance of positions on Forex or relevance of the price level. Interest not idle, because the transaction may "hang" when the price did not went to stop loss nor take profit. Another kind of circumstances, force majeure, or just out on the market news when the position is already open.

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As a result, price ranges or flat, does not justify our expectations or even starts to "fall" against us. We need a mechanism that will take into account the time factor and circumstances, correcting our agreement, but it generally can be changed when it is already open?

The relevance of Forex operations

In fact, we can change not only the value of stop loss in fear of bringing this order to the point of conclusion of the position. We have the ability to adjust our goal, which may be, for example, take profit.

Improved market circumstances, when the position was already open? So the goal can be set on. The market went into a "sideways" or very soon, must go news and we have no idea what will be there? Adjust the goal downward.

So, here we can say that so people will start to move all orders, as it comes to mind. Indeed, if in a silly way to approach this issue, that is exactly what will happen.

On the other hand, all movement orders can be systematized by developing a mechanism that under certain circumstances (or periodically) to overestimate the location of our warrants, given the factors that we consider significant.

As a result, we get "elegant", at first glance, the method of position tracking, which takes into account what's going on with our transactions and adjusts its conditions, if it considers necessary (in the framework of the algorithm, of course). This mechanism allows to always have the latest deal, even if the events do not best for us.

This approach to trading may seem simple, but on the other hand, we came here, that would be just or money? The Forex trading is the fact that to try and make a deal, to place the order and sit to wait for "the sea weather", even when the entrance has clearly proved a failure, it is not difficult, however, is still unprofitable.

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Similarly, changing market price levels, gradually losing its relevance with a few exceptions. The same applies for levels, because there are new and old ones are losing interest from bidders.

The deal needs to change if developments in the market is not so, as we expected. In our power to significantly adjust its conditions, and it is very important that the monetary operation is to remain relevant in the Forex market. I suggest just spending a little time thinking about my arguments.

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