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The rules in the binary options market
Every financial market has its own distinctive features, as well as the pros and cons for traders. The rules of the game binary options are largely different from the operating conditions in the Forex or stock market, and in the best sellers side.

So, what is trade binary options? To begin, consider a group of assets that can be used in the market, there are four:

• currency pairs (when one currency is bought for another);
• a commodity market (e.g. oil, sugar, gold, etc.);
• stock indices (the indices of the largest global marketplaces as DAX, S&P500, etc.);
• shares of large companies (Apple, Rosneft, Disney, etc.).

All of these assets can be traded, but rather, we can buy binary options on all of these groups of instruments. Many brokerage firms the range is AUD/USD (or USD/RUR).

Introductory course - a free introductory course on binary options (without registration).

Rules for binary options traders

For binary options trading, you first need to open a trading account with one of the companies offering their services on the market. Such organizations are called brokers, but not all of them are equally good and useful for beginners. The review of Brokers to play binary options I talk in detail about the best licensed companies with reasonable size accounts (you can start with 300 rubles).

After opening the account, which is usually 2-5 minutes, we find ourselves inside a personal Cabinet, where is the trading platform for transactions:

Now go directly to the rules of the game binary options. List the actions that need to be made for the transaction:

• select the asset (this will open it to the price chart);
• to analyze the market using trading strategies (a review of the most effective methods of trade), and • to determine in which direction the price will go (to choose the direction up or down);
• specify the amount for which we would like to purchase a binary option;
• choose the time of completion of the proposed options (the different periods of 30 seconds and above);
• click on the transaction ("above" or "below").

Next to each asset in the list of available tools we can see the amount of remuneration in percentage.

Upon successful completion of the operation, we get back the sum for which has bought a binary option, for example, 500 rubles, and the profit, which represents an award percentage (say, 85%) of the contract value (85% of 500 rubles and up) = 425 RUB

Popular questions on the rules of the game

What you need to do to earn money in the binary options market? A trader must correctly assess the situation and determine which of the two sides (up or down) will the asset price at the selected time of completion of the transaction (the date of expiry of the option). If the forecast is correct, the trader will refund the money for which you bought a binary option and make a profit (in this example 85% of investment was 500 RUB.)

Does the income how to change the price of the asset at the time of expiry? No, all the income (85%) in the full amount accrued to the account of the trader, if he correctly identified the direction and does not depend on how much the price has changed, the rules of the game binary options.

Binary options are still not infrequently referred to as contracts of "all or nothing" because when you close a trade, the trader or lose the amount for which purchased "BINAR", or get more income, for example, 85% (percent of compensation depends on the selected asset).

One traders is easier to work with short-term options for 1-5 minutes, others easier to predict the price movement for a few hours or even days in advance. You can choose how long Your transaction. An example of one scalping techniques painted here, there you can find the results of trading on this strategy.

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