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Through whom to trade Forex - a personal experience
Since all Forex trading takes place via brokers and dealing centers, we have to pay special attention to the selection of the organization. Question - who to trade Forex, does not lose its relevance even in that case, if the trader has already found a company that suits him.

Below You will learn why trader "grows out of the company by any of the brokers should pay attention and why. Everything written below is my personal opinion (blogger Lemur), based on the trading experience, good trading I have more than 20 companies.

The process of "growing up" trader often happens in this scenario:
  • cent account (or demo account);
  • small dollar (ruble, Euro - does not matter, but with standard lots).
  • ECN, STP, NDD account;
It turns out that the beginner can pick up a great company with cent accounts, but understand that it will not suit him to work on larger amounts. This may be due to unfavorable trading conditions of the broker, with the scale of his activities, and so on. The man begins to look for an organization, perhaps even without the cent accounts, but with a very interesting standard deposits. By analogy then there is a transition to a higher level.

So, through whom to trade in the Forex market is not only a topical question for beginners, but the task is for the experienced speculator.

Through whom to work on Forex

With their platform nice the easiest, because the trading conditions are very similar in different companies, and the needs of the client at this stage is minimal. This is the Pro can cling to spread exotic currency pairs or execution speed of the broker, and beginners tend to use a number of popular currency pairs and look at the leverage or bonuses.

From personal experience, I can say Forex4you and Roboforex (links lead to more detail about them) as a very handy and good companies with good trading conditions on the Nickel. There is, for example, Liteforex and Instaforex, but I wouldn't recommend. The last two companies for Nickel show a very average execution speed, and in them and spreads a "horse".

From the class more "serious" accounts, of course, I note Alpari from work which left me very good impressions. Everything there is well-established, small spreads, PAMM - account is perhaps most developed in the region. Even MaxiMarkets, which generally would advise beginners who are planning to open a Deposit of $500.

There are several reasons:
  • bonus about 50% of the Deposit amount, which can fully use in his trade (he is involved in the drawdown);
  • free signals for account holders from $1000 (very useful when just learning to trade - it will be possible to make some money using signals professionals MaxiMarkets);
  • support cool when on the phone they will call themselves and help in a variety of situations, including difficult (I do not use, but from several traders the kind words I heard about it).

In General to decide who to trade Forex, you need to understand that there are objective and subjective evaluation criteria. The objective can be attributed:
  • spreads;
  • leverage;
  • the bonuses and additional features (services);
Subjective will consider the following:
  • own needs;
  • speed and accuracy in transactions;
  • what peer reviewed.
For example, if Your trade is a certain critical value of the spread for a particular instrument, at least three times will be good company, but it does not fit You. So, we must proceed from the needs, they will tell you in this case, the right decision.

Who already has experience, can fully understand "where to look", and for beginners, in my opinion, Roboforex and Forex4you accounts for up to $500 will be a great options. If you want to obtain a decent profit and return on investment, you MaxiMarkets (free signals the help of specialists) or Alpari where on the course you can transfer money to the management of professionals (PAMM accounts).

I hope my experience will help You in finding good companies in which to trade. This opinion is based on personal experience, so if you do not agree with anything of my writings, don't take this "hostility".

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