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Trading system Squeeze - profitable technique for binary options
Profit on binary options, according to brokers, is that easy to get without straining. Clearly, the reasons to believe implicitly every broker with no no. Whom to believe and how to act, whether there are options at least some of the energy? Of course, because the method "Squeeze" - will not become a rarity 7 completions profitable trades out of every 10!

So it is easiest to understand the subject of the conversation, the system itself we will look at later, but now for You there is good news. For this method You will be able to trade in with a clean sheet, cash investments will not be necessary, as a result, You will not lose anything even if you make on the first error.

You will provide that the company importantly, the company that offers 20 free trades for every new client. The income thereon can be removed from the account or write for further trading.

Learning to make money on binary options by using the system, which we plan with You today, and with twenty options that provides you the company Binamo, You start with a "binary market" without attachments.

Strategy Squeeze in importantly, the company

Learn how to profit on binary options no cost at the beginning of his career, We turn to the rules of the method "Squeeze".

To properly conduct the trade in accordance with this method, set Your template will need to create on the website accurate indicator Squeeze Momentum Indicator for binary options. This is done very simply. When you open the website You see a search box where the name fits the traded asset. Easier and more profitable to take EURUSD, besides it is on all binary options platforms and in particular on the site of importantly, the company:

Assets to work with Squeeze

You will also need to choose the time during which the quotes are displayed, it should be "1 minute":

The timeframe for the Squeeze system

Then click the tab Indicators at the category of "Public" and tick Squeeze Momentum Indicator, which because of its uniqueness, is always in the ratings on one of the first places:

The installation required for the Squeeze system

When You see this symbol on the chart – it's time to trade.

That will give us profit on binary options method Squeeze

The technique of "Squeeze" works on two varieties of divergence - bearish and bullish. Now no need to dwell on the intricacies of graphical data processes, because the main thing we need to make money, using the features of the behavior of prices. Divergence is a situation when quotes and the indicator move contradict each other. For example, the quotes may go up and down indicator, but it could be the reverse situation:

Installing indicators on the chart

After there was a divergence in 70-80% of cases occurs a reversal of quotes in accordance with the readings of the indicator. If You just open the bag, you will be able to make a profit, almost certainly, do punters who are working on a method trading system for binary options, called "Squeeze".

We open the deal Up, when we have:

Emerging mismatch between the nature of price movement and the indicator picture – quotes seek down, and the indicator signal is represented by two new peaks, "talking" about raising prices.
The moment finished second top platform importantly, the company we purchase the binary option, geared up (5 minutes expiry).

Operation Squeeze

We open the deal down when we have:

Emerging mismatch between the nature of price movement and the indicator picture – quotes trending up, and the indicator signal is represented by two troughs appeared, "talking" about lowering the price.
The moment is over the second trench, platform importantly, the company we purchased the binary put option (for a 5-minute expiry).

Signals from Squeeze

Divergence behaves exactly in 70-80% of such situations. And if You did notice it, being attentive during work, you are guaranteed to earn money on binary options. Method Squeeze 7-8 shows a positive closure of the 10 operations. This result can be considered quite impressive in any financial market.

Expiry we have identified (it is five minutes to the market not yet be rolled back, and at the same time, the price could go in the desired distance). Money management standard, i.e. not more than 5% of the Deposit on each lot, then the risks will be small.

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