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Trading techniques on the binary options market
The main objective of this review is to describe the main methods of earning on the binary options that really work. There are different strategies and ways to trade, but not all of them, unfortunately, really effective.

Some systems of the same type, as built on the same methods, so you can combine them. Each trade is interesting in its own way, but I will still try to give their assessments and will cause arguments.

Trading methods binary options which will be discussed further:

• scalping;
• trade with the trend on the news;
• martingale.

Of course, there are other approaches to trading but, as mentioned above, I will try to tell it about the effective ways, not about everything, that only sticks to the sole. Let's start with the fine workmanship.

Method binary options: scalping

Trade short term binary options which many companies are called "turbo", is very widespread. Typically, this transaction from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, but the most popular were the options for 60 seconds.
Earnings on turbo options
The task of the trader chose scalping, to catch the moment when as simply to determine the price movement in the near future. There is no need to carry out complex analysis to evaluate a variety of factors, because of the conclusions prior to the completion of the transaction is only 1 minute.

How to understand where will go market in the next minute, up or down? There are various methods on the binary market, allowing you to boost your chances. One of the ways forecasting is fully described here:

Binary scalping proven strategy for short term binary options.

Scalping appreciate for quick results, no need in the long and complex analysis. It's not so little, as if to adapt to working with contracts 60 seconds is it possible to work using only the data from the chart without the help of auxiliary programs (indicators), calendar and so on.

Method binary options: trend and news

In classic binary options, the best results were achieved by traders who trade only in the trend direction. To determine the market trend is not difficult, but the question arises, how long will the market trend? Trends too is not unlimited, they will move or a flat condition in which the price is moving in the direction or in the opposite direction of the price movement (change of trend to the contrary).

To help traders comes the economic calendar which is periodically updated information on upcoming events for the week ahead). It is a specific date and name of news that will be announced, and in addition, shall be from the level of importance of the event for financial markets. By the way, a very useful note for those who are not well versed in this matter.
Trading calendar
Like the terminal? He is here at this licensed broker.

You can quickly see the economic calendar and see what assets and when it is expected to yield important information. So we will be prepared for the fact that the market will get "additional acceleration". As a rule, after the release of important economic information, the price moves in one direction for a long time, it is enough to make some trades.

How to know which side the market will go after the news? Actually, authentically it is not known to the fact of public disclosure, so the purchase of a binary option no need to rush. First, we are waiting for the release of the news, then look what the market (up or down), and only then conclude the agreement.

• Strategy 15 minute - does this binary options method is described in detail.
Methods of traders, binary options
This is a very good method of trading, especially for beginners. In the economic calendar everything should be clear, the exact date of the news release points will be known. We need only wait for the specified calendar time and buy a put option in the direction of price movement at the announcement of the news.

Method binary options: martingale

This method of trading is based on doubling each bet, which was preceded by a losing trade. It's pretty simple, and although the principle of the conclusion of the first transaction can vary from one trading strategy to another, but then the developments will be one and the same.

Let the trader has bought a binary option above for 100 rubles. If he's right, you get, say, 85% (85 rubles) and will return their investment. If the transaction will end with a loss, the speculator then purchases a binary option, "above", but for 200 rubles. If successful, it will return the investment (200 rubles) and will make a profit of 170 rubles (85%), which offset the loss on the previous deal.
The trading terminal for the method for binary options
Then everything happens on the same principle, if the transaction is profitable, the series stops and then starts again all over. If the options a losing, then next bet is doubled and the option purchased in the same direction as the previous one.

By the way, if doubling (100, 100*2, 200*2, 400*2 the like), or to focus on another factor - the choice of the trader. Here you need to take into account the amount of remuneration for transactions in the interest and wishes of speculator for risk, which are used in the trade.

In principle, this method of earning on the binary options are very popular, but quite dangerous. Imagine how much will the operation after 3-5 failures in a row. However, systems based on the martingale principle, not a few supporters.

So, we this time was considered the most popular and effective methods of earning on binary options. The best for beginners, in my opinion, is a way to work the trend based on the news. Then it makes sense to gradually learn the strategy for 60 seconds, which could enter the portfolio of trading systems trader.

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