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Where is the best place to trade binary options?
It should be noted immediately that, beyond the personal experience and opinion, and in General, surveys of this kind can only be subjective, albeit to varying degrees. There is no single company which could be said that she is the best and all others are worthless.

A lot depends on what is considered the most important broker is the high remuneration, reliability, convenience of the terminal? In any case, all these points I'll try to get to You face to become very clear.

Official sites of the companies about which speech will go:

Main evaluation criteria:
  • advantageous trading conditions (large payouts on binary options);
  • the reliability of the company (controller);
  • the convenience of the terminal;
  • the speed and accuracy of processing trading orders (important settings).

To assess the profitability of options in different companies, we have formed a small sign where you can look at the profitability of the options a broker:

The highest payout percentages in the Verum (company overview) Binarium, at least in those trading tools that we considered. I would like to also point out the best deals importantly, the company on currency pairs. Now look, what is the minimum amount you can start working with binary options these companies:

Of course, the available to traders is the company Verum. In the same way, only with the broker there are two Russian license. Where is the best to trade binary options? Again we come back to that very important question of priorities. Their results fail in the end.

As for the convenience of the terminal, here will not be interested in measuring values in numbers. Evaluation of the trading platform shall be made by the trader. However, my personal opinion still give, show you what it looks like a terminal for each company.

Brokerage companies have already worked out the technology of creating a comfortable space for trading, and therefore, all terminals, there is not one that could be called bad. Personally I like the terminal 24option for its conciseness and balance of different kinds of factors (functionality).

However, not all suitable for trading the black background. So, I say that if You like dark terminal, the 24option platform will become the best choice for You.

A small digression. Useful material for traders:
  • Best bonuses binary options
  • Free training binary options trading
  • Proven trading strategy

If platforms are similar to each other, however, in the Binarium why-that very much narrowed the trade space. Not very easy to analyze a price chart, especially when important details, not the overall situation on the market.

Assessment the speed and accuracy of execution of trading orders subjective. Having to work in all the above companies, I can say that in my personal opinion the fastest platform at 24option. Instantly the options are bought at the prices that were needed. Very fast processing orders in uTrader, but think a little terminal when switching trading instruments. However, trade is not affected, but I would like to pause this moment.

Other trading platforms also demonstrate the high speed of the transaction, but slightly inferior to 24option and uTrader. However, it is not surprising that traders site practicing trade turbo options, prefer these two companies.

This is my review on the theme where to trade binary options. The most balanced company, in my opinion, uTrader is where I personally stayed trade. 24option at all good, it is, perhaps, the largest binary broker but the minimum Deposit will not suit all traders.

Importantly, the company will appeal to new traders and speculators who prefer to use in their work the theory of martingale. The broker offers not only the dollar but also the ruble account. Verum one of the leaders in remuneration, as well as, his most accessible account (from $5). I would also like to note it simple, fast and stable trading platform.

It remains to wish You to choose the best binary company to trade on the market. I hope a brief overview of the companies proved useful to You.

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