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Where to play binary options better
Trading in binary options is possible only through a broker. For transactions you will first need to choose a company to register in her trading account, and only after that you can start making deals.

As brokers in the market is not enough, the question remains, where to play binary options the best? Indeed, organizations may differ in many important ways, for example:

• the presence/absence of the licenses;
• the remuneration;
• minimum Deposit and minimum value of the option;
• the quality of the terminal (functionality, presence indicators, etc.);
• duration of work in the market.

Of course, to please all the traders at once is almost impossible, since people can have different priorities, but I will outline the best, in my opinion, people who are just starting to play binary options.

Where to play – the best options

Of course, if You plan to work on the Deposit with a capital of $200, then the best option will be the largest international broker 24option. Company in Russia licensed CRFIN offers favorable trading conditions, one of the best platform for transactions and ruble accounts.

24option sponsors sports teams such as the famous football club Juventus and Olympique Lyonnais, and also cooperates with the famous tennis player Boris Becker.

Proprietary trading terminal of the broker repeatedly "took away" the most prestigious awards financial awards with me. The company is stable, it is convenient to operate and you can safely focus on closing deals.

If a trader is not yet ready to use in your trading $200, he should pay attention to the following organization:

• Olymp Trade (from $10);
• Importantly, the company (from $10);
• Binarium ($9).

All entities listed above have licenses FMRRC in Russia are large, reliable binary options brokers. Binarium Ltd. is the first Russian company that started offering its services in the financial market. Olymp Trade – one of the industry leaders, international broker offers clients a trading account.

Importantly, the company is a European company, where to play binary options both easy and convenient. The terminal broker is equipped with a large schedule and has in its Toolbox several technical indicators that help traders.

If to speak about trading platforms, the most advanced terminals from 24option and Trade Olymp. After them, but with a noticeable margin, importantly, the company goes and closes the list of the company Binarium offers traders a convenient and fast platform, but does not have tools for technical analysis (and just a rather modest functionality).

How to play binary options

To choose a reliable broker with good terminal is only half the story, but you need to prepare for the trade. For successful work in the binary options market the trader need at least one proven trading system. It is possible to try to develop it yourself, but if You are just beginning to work in the market, I advise you to use the ready-made options.

Strategies invented not a few, but the majority of them will hardly help to make money. Unfortunately, a large number of systems is developed by inexperienced Amateurs, and then their product diverge on the web and are being adopted by novice traders, not able to quickly assess the quality of the strategy.

How to play binary options to get a positive result? From the variety of strategies I would like to draw Your attention to the following three systems:

• Trade on the news;
• For beginners (mathematical);
• Options 60 seconds.

The first of them is proven in the financial markets, but it forms a very small number of signals. Typically, using this method, you can count on 5 to 10 trades a week. However, this technique can be easily combined with other systems, as it is from the trader requires minimal effort.

The second technique also has long been known in financial markets, it is based on the theory of probability and often used by novice traders. As a rule, the experience of the speculator increases with time, and he has been studying for more efficient versions of the game binary options. However, it is a good strategy for starting a career in binary market.

The third system is the author and she is much younger than the previous two strategies. For beginners this system may seem more complex than other options, but it still deserves attention. The fact that the author's strategy is less risky than the methods of the theory of probability, but potentially more profitable than news.

Now You know where and how to play binary options trading profitable. Finally, one advice that is worth listening to. Do not mess with unlicensed companies, no matter how tasty bonuses they would to himself was not lured. The best option is to work with a large, reliable and licensed organization.

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